Who Gets the World

Description: The black breath of the white wind and black breath in the martial arts, son of Lanxi. Established Mo Yuqi in one hand. Peerless appearance and profound scheming, it seems that everyone is in his calculations, and Bai Fengxi… Read More ›

I Have a Sickness

Description: That year when I was 13, I ascended the throne. At the Qiong Lin feast, that Tan Hua Lang (3rd place in the national civil exam) whom I had stared at an extra few glances, left in indignation to… Read More ›

A Cute Wife in Family

Description: Marrying a man who has just met and is eight years older than herself as a senior in high school is probably the greatest rebellion in her life. She smokes, drinks, swears, skips class and learns about green tea…. Read More ›