Age of Adepts

Description: A data loving young man from Earth has an accident which transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately for him, he has a Biological Assistance Chip to ease his path. However, things… Read More ›

Sickly Tyrannical

Description: –A morbid second Young Master of the mafia meets an amateur psychologist. Swept along in darkness, tyrannical abuse and depredation, he destroyed his life. Because in his eyes —— Love = Violence! In the end, none of us could… Read More ›

King of the Night

Description: –Sung-gwinahm was a man that was slightly below average. He made a deal with a voyeuristic ghost to become the King of the Night. Once he touched a woman, the F–k Screen will pop up. ———————— Interest towards me… Read More ›


Description: A collection of short stories by Otsuichi which resembles a Zoo with its many short stories covering different topics, settings, and genre.Identical twins brought up in the same household where one is treated like dirt and the other a… Read More ›