2 Peerless beauty

Just when I wanted to explain something, a string of beautiful violin sounds suddenly appeared at the door of the piano room. Quan Xizheng and I looked at the door together. Wow- so beautiful! What a nice view! What a… Read More ›

Chapter 6: Bullying

Ouyang Ruo also said with confidence: “There will be a lot of people in a while, Ying’er must be careful not to be impulsive. Mu Yingxue nodded. If others don’t provoke her, she will naturally not provoke her, but if… Read More ›

Chapter 3: Buddy

It was already at night, and the daily outpatient clinics of the hospital were not in work. The driver Zhang took out his cell phone and made a call. Soon a group of doctors in white coats hurried over. This… Read More ›

Chapter 2: Meet

“Hey, that’s weird.” The few dudes shook their heads, only when they drank too much, staring at the thin figure that went further and further, with regret on their faces. It’s really a pity that such a beautiful person could… Read More ›

Chapter 1: Rebirth

In the dark room, a figure was faintly visible curled up in the corner. Suddenly the door was opened, and a white light lit up in the room. The woman **** in the corner moved. She slowly raised her head,… Read More ›