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Chapter 2 The first task

The crisp mechanical sound rang in the ears of the well-known, which made him open his eyes in a light sleep. Although sleepy, he picked up the phone and checked […]

Chapter 1 the binding is successful

With the advent of May, the weather in Chengdu has turned on the summer mode, and the hot sun is hanging high in the sky. This makes the well-known mood […]

Postscript 1

Rongcheng in 2035, or Meizhou, is not right, it should be said that Shou County has become completely different. Ten years ago, no one could have imagined that China’s fifth […]

Chapter 1 The Venus in the Only Note

Black and white piano keys Scarlet Dream Between the beginning and the end of the melody Charming Qingwu Wow Buzzing– A curtain of rain covering the sky densely wrapped the […]

Chapter 1344 My master is very good

Yunxuan, who hadn’t spoken all this time, finally couldn’t help but uttered, “More…more…thank you for your advice… but …… …… per each racer has its own style and characteristics …… […]