Oops! The King is in Love

Description: Everyone says that the emperor is handsome and handsome, Yushu Linfeng knows people and is competent, diligent and frugal, loves the people, and strives to govern……. It’s so good that it can’t be finished for three days and three… Read More ›

Devil President Endless

Description: She, an ordinary orphan girl, has a fateful misery; he, beautiful and beautiful, sits in the entire business empire, and has powerful powers; she has invisibly become a victim of business competition, and she meets him on an ambiguous… Read More ›

Seal with lips

Description: Her inferiority and humiliation in her previous life in exchange for the conspiracy and betrayal of those around her. This life she came back, she was strong and she had to make the people who bullied her pay! How… Read More ›