You are my city camp 08

The moment Mi Tu raised his head, Shao Yuhan calmly replied, “Teach Tu’s tutor is also Professor Ruan.” Professor Ruan? When Shao Yuhan was in graduate school, that teacher Ruan […]

You are my city camp 07

A black dress made Shao Yuhan unconsciously exude a cold aura, but his voice was very warm and soft, and his handsome face coupled with an approachable smile made people […]

You are my city camp 06

He Yicheng is certainly no stranger to Mi Yan. That time, Xing Kelei rescued the kidnapped her and rushed to the training base to participate in the exercise. Heyi City, […]

You are my city camp 05

Since she was a child, Mijia has never lived outside of her home, and the dilemma of being unable to return home makes her a little frustrated. Especially when I […]

You are my city camp 04

Mi Ha said that he was very weak for Xing Kelei’s frequent rogue acts. Since they met, as long as they met, he couldn’t live without teasing her, which made […]

You are my city camp 03

The Army Hospital is certainly not a scrap hospital as Xing Kelei said. As a hospital affiliated to the military region, the hospital has express requirements for the physicians in […]

You are my city camp 02

In fact, regardless of whether Xing Kelei personally visited the training ground, the training intensity and subjects of the recruits followed the outline. However, he gave everyone a disarming attitude […]

You are my city camp 01

As a green signal flares rose into the sky, a three-day year-end assessment of a certain division came to an end in a confrontational exercise with live ammunition. This battle […]

Chapter 7 Lan Xuanyu

Yes, the egg shell has disappeared, and there is no trace left. what does that mean? It means that they have no way to report this incident, unless they can […]

Chapter 6 No Trace

“Wow, wow, wow!” Shaking cries echoed continuously in the cabin. That’s really shaking the sky! Even soundproof headphones cannot be completely isolated. At the beginning, Lan Xiao planned to keep […]

Chapter 4 Children Born in an Eggs

Douluo star, a land of the far north. Part of the snow in the canyon has been cleared. After a full twenty-four hours of various explorations. Lan Xiao and his […]

Chapter 3 The star who is in trouble?

The sea washed the shore, and there was a vast and long sound of “crushing”. The faint sea breeze has a slightly salty smell, blowing on the shore. With a […]