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Chapter 6 (Good night, Mr. Huo!)

I saw that Huo Jinyan was wearing a bath towel around his waist. He had just finished taking a bath, and there was still water vapor on his body. He looked at the hazy smoke, like a beautiful man walking out of a fairyland.

His hair was wet on the back of his head, a few drops of crystal water rolled on his chest, and a pair of long, slender legs were straight and straight, looking alluring.

Huo Jinyan felt the woman’s cannibalistic gaze, and a touch of hostility flashed under her eyes.

“Don’t get out yet, what to see!”

“I… Aunt Qin called to bring you breakfast…” Gu Huan quickly found an excuse for himself, and then turned his eyes to not look at him.

She was afraid that she would wait for the beast and couldn’t help it!

“Heh.” Huo Jinyan sneered, seemingly unbelieving, and walked toward the closet with his leg raised.

Seeing this, Gu Huan hurriedly said: “Really, I don’t believe it, look at the table.”

That was the dumplings she made by herself, according to his taste.

“My mother knows that I don’t eat breakfast, you have ulterior motives.” Huo Jinyan walked to the closet and stopped, her voice very low.

Gu Huan didn’t expect this man to be so smart.

Turning her eyes, she hurriedly carried the dumplings and walked to Huo Jinyan and said, “Just now in the kitchen, Aunt Qin said you don’t eat breakfast. This habit is not good and you will get stomach problems. That’s why she asked me to bring them. No, you Take a bite, make sure you like it.”

Huo Jinyan looked down at the dumplings in the soup bowl, and smelled a faint scent of food on the tip of his nose. Within two seconds, he turned his attention away and looked at her coldly. Expressionlessly

said : “Go away–or you have a habit of peeking at men’s body.”

Gu Huan’s ears were red.

After thinking about it, she looked up at him and preached very honestly: “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you, actually… I came to you to ask you to do me a favor, so I only talked to Aunt Qin early in the morning. Learn to make dumplings to please you.”

Huo Jinyan heard the sound, squinted his eyes, and said in a low tone: “What’s the matter?”

“I’m about to take the college entrance examination in two months, but my academic performance is always the countdown for the whole year, so I want you to help me review my homework. , So that I can get into a good university and not let my parents down.”

“I won’t help you.” Huo Jinyan said indifferently.

“Why?” Gu Huan was a little disappointed.

“Get out.” Huo Jinyan turned around, not looking at her.

Gu Huan tightened palm of the hand, put soup on the table again, then back to Huo Jin Yan behind a single word:. “Huojin words, you help me with my lessons now, what is your request I can do.”

This is A good opportunity to get along with Huo Jinyan must be successful!

“You are very noisy.” Huo Jinyan frowned, turned around and walked towards the door, ready to open the door personally.

In the end, I didn’t expect to accidentally touch Gu Huan’s leg the moment he turned and left.

Gu Huan’s feet lost weight and fell directly towards Huo Jinyan.

The two fell to the ground with such a’touch’.

Female upper and male lower.

Gu Huan’s head touched Huo Jinyan’s head, and her mouth accidentally stuck together.

At that moment, her whole breath was full of the good smell from Huo Jinyan’s body.

Gu Huan’s face flushed, even her neck flushed.

She stared at the magnified handsome face close-up with a pair of big eyes stunned, and she was a little flustered for a while.

Huo Jinyan’s face was very ugly, and he vomited extremely displeased: “Get up!”

Gu Huan let out an’Oh ‘, got up in a hurry, and inadvertently pulled his fingers to the man’s bath towel.

The moment she got up, she realized that she had also torn off Huo Jinyan’s bath towel, and a white body appeared in front of her instantly.

Gu Huan subconsciously looked down at the man.

The whole body was red all over in an instant, his body was burning hot, and even the nose was soaked with fine sweat.

She moved her eyes away in a panic, then turned around and ran to the door suddenly, and whispered’It’s really ugly’.

Huo Jinyan heard the sound, his face turned black, and immediately walked into the bathroom and took another bath fiercely.

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