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Chapter 5 (Good night, Mr. Huo!)

Early the next morning, Gu Huan woke up and went straight to the kitchen after washing up.

At this time, Mother Huo was already preparing breakfast in the kitchen. After seeing Gu Huan, she hurriedly pulled her and said: “Huanhuan, what do you do when you get up so early, your body must be tight, go back and rest quickly.”

“Aunt Qin, I It’s ready, I want to come and help.”

Huo Mu heard the sound and said, “I am a person, I don’t have any other hobbies, but I like cooking, so I personally prepare three meals a day, and even the servants don’t have to enter. My kitchen.”

Saying this, there was a happy smile on her face.

Generally speaking, it is also a kind of warm happiness to be able to cook three meals a day for the one you love the most.

Gu Huan quickly followed up: “It’s really great, Aunt Qin, I also like cooking, but I don’t know anything now. Can you teach me?”

Huo’s mother looked at Gu Huan.

Gu Huan is very beautiful and pure, and her facial features are exquisite as if she came from a painting, but because she is still young, her facial features are not very long, so she has a touch of immature.

The skin on the palm-sized face can be broken by blows, full of collagen.

And those white and tender little hands, she was a little bit reluctant.

She likes this little girl very much, and she may also be a future daughter-in-law. If these little hands are flawed, she feels distressed!

He said, “Huanhuan, your hands should be playing the piano, painting, or something. Learning cooking can be a waste. Also, there is a taste in the kitchen. Go out quickly. Auntie will do it later. Okay, if you’re hungry, go to the restaurant to eat some snacks to cushion your stomach.”

“Aunt Qin, I am not as squeamish as you think, I also do rough work at home.” Gu Huan knew Huo mother cared about her, she laughed Said with a strong sense of meaning.

A pair of smart big eyes were thick with mist, and they looked aggrieved, that little appearance was really cute, but Huo Mu couldn’t bear it, and immediately agreed.

Later, Huo’s mother taught Gu Huan to make dumplings, saying that Huo Jinyan’s favorite to eat dumplings.

When Gu Huan heard this, he immediately started to learn seriously, while listening to Huo’s mother’s nagging.

“Our family Jin said that this kid has a lot of ills and skips breakfast, and he can be picky eaters. He doesn’t eat green onions, garlic, coriander, or stuff from pigs. Sometimes I wonder, am I right? She gave birth to a baby girl, so delicate!”

Gu Huan heard it and raised her eyebrows: “He is so picky? How did that grow so tall?”

“I don’t know, Xu is hereditary?” Huo’s mother squinted.

One morning, the two got along very happily, the more they talked, the more energetic they got, so Huo Mu talked about the scandals of Huo Jinyan since childhood.

Huo’s mother also liked Gu Huan more and more, and the more she looked at it, the more pleasing to the eye, she was not as pretentious as other girls.

After the dumplings were cooked, Gu Huan rushed upstairs to Huo Jinyan’s room with a bowl of dumplings.

When he walked to the door of the room, Gu Huan saw that the door was closed tightly, twisted the doorknob, the door opened, and a flash of joy flashed in his heart.

Didn’t even have a lock?

When Gu Huan took the dumplings in, he scanned the room and found no one, but there was a ticking sound of water in the bathroom.

Gu Huan was dumbfounded at the time. Could it be that this guy was taking a shower?

Why is she so embarrassed every time she comes in.

Just when she put down the dumplings to leave secretly, the bathroom door opened.

Huo Jinyan saw Gu Huan hunched over to leave at a glance, and a look of disgust flashed through his eyes: “What are you doing here!”

Gu Huan turned around when he saw that he had been caught.

As soon as I turned around, I saw a picture of a beautiful boy out in the bath.

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