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Chapter 4 Regret

As soon as Gu Huan walked into her room, she saw Gu’s mother looking at her worriedly: “Huanhuan, where did you go?”

“Mom, I’m fine, I just lost my way…”

Gu’s mother asked the doctor to do it for Gu Huan. After an examination, she was relieved after hearing that the doctor said that she was okay, and then took a bowl of bird’s nest porridge from the kitchen, handed it to her, and said: “Your Auntie Qin knows that you are not in good health. , Let you replenish your body.” In

this era, bird’s nest is a very precious thing, how ordinary people can afford it, but it is a piece of cake for the Huo family. After all, the Huo family is rich and powerful.

“Your Aunt Qin cares about you very much. I will thank her tomorrow. In addition, I discussed with your Aunt Qin that you will stay at her house for two months. Mom will also live here to take care of you until the end of your college entrance examination.”

Gu Huan With a cry, I felt warm in my heart while eating the bird’s nest in the bowl.

In her previous life, she was obviously very ignorant and didn’t understand her mother’s intentions.

During the two months she lived in the Huo’s family, she didn’t talk to Huo Jinyan much, and until the college entrance examination was about to end, she accidentally overheard the news that the two families wanted them to get engaged, and Huo Jinyan agreed.

At that time Gu Huan really hated Huo Jinyan, so the college entrance examination specially applied for a university far away from Huo’s family.

After that, she went to the university where she signed up as she wished. As for Huo Jinyan, she heard that his grandfather had arranged to go to a military camp to serve as a soldier.

His grandfather was an old head of the army, and even his ancestor was a soldier, so he was very powerful, and Huo Jinyan’s service as a soldier was considered to be an inheritance of his ancestral business.

Afterwards, Gu Huan saw Huo Jinyan again when she graduated from college. At that time, Gu Huan met a man in college. She thought she liked it, so she hated Huo Jinyan even more, thinking that he was making trouble to separate them on purpose.

After graduating, she could not screw her family’s forced marriage, and finally married Huo Jinyan. Huo Jinyan has not touched her for 3 years after the marriage, but she did as she wished, but once Huo Jinyan was drunk and forced her to sleep. Unfortunately, she was pregnant that time. Unfortunately, the child died as soon as she was born. She completely hated Huo Jinyan because of this, and then divorced him. She didn’t see him until she was hit and killed by a car.

Gu Huan couldn’t help reaching out and touching her flat lower abdomen, a trace of pain and regret flashed through her eyes.

“Huanhuan, what’s the matter? Isn’t it delicious?” Gu Mu’s words came from the ear, and Gu Huan’s thoughts were gradually pulled back.


Huan smiled and said, “Why? It’s delicious. I’ve never eaten such good food.” Gu Huan was referring to the love and care of Gu’s mother and Huo’s mother.

“Well, eat more if you are delicious. Although our family is not rich in Huo’s family, one or two bowls of bird’s nest can still be bought. After two days, I will ask your dad to find an acquaintance to buy more for you.”

“No need. Mom, my health is almost good. I can’t spend money. I can’t spend money.”

Her family lives in a small alley in the town . Her father is a medicinal business and has a small amount of money, but this time seems to be out of business. There was a problem, but fortunately, with the help of Hobbo, his family’s business grew bigger and bigger, and finally he bought a house in the city, and his family was well-off.

“You child, no matter how much money your parents earn, they will be spent on your children. If you want to eat, just tell your mom.”

Gu Huan put down the soup bowl and hugged her mother: “Mom, there are you guys. Good.” In the

last life, she was dissatisfied with her marriage and blamed her parents, so that she collapsed, her family died tragically, and she was lonely.

Now that I think about it, the best thing for myself is always my parents, and she must not make them sad in the future.

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