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Chapter 3 Hooking up with him

And he hasn’t gone out to serve as a soldier yet, his skin color is not the healthy, wheat-colored skin of his previous life, looks fair and delicate, and he can pinch water out of tenderness.

Gu Huan couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. She must have eaten shit on her head in her previous life, so she didn’t even look at such a handsome and outstanding man next to her!

Fortunately, I can do it again now. Gu Huan concealed all the thoughts in his heart and smiled and said to the man in front of him, “That… are you hungry? I’ll make you some food.” It took a

long time to wait. Huo Jinyan’s answer.

Gu Huan glanced at him secretly and saw that his face was dark, obviously annoying him. She was thinking about turning and leaving. Later, when she hooked up slowly, she saw the man walking in front of her step by step.

Looking at him condescendingly.

She was 17 years old, about 162 centimeters.

He was 19 years old, and he was 185 cm tall.

And she only reached his chest…

Gu Huan complained about God’s injustice in the bottom of her heart.

Huo Jinyan saw through all her expressions.

“Are you Gu Huan?” He asked indifferently, his low voice like a cello playing at midnight.

“Yes, I am, you know?” Huo Jinyan’s words made Gu Huan so happy that he almost wanted to hug him again, but after all he held back.

The small and exquisite melon seeds were filled with an expectant smile, looking at the man eagerly.

“I heard my mother say that there will be a girl at home, the daughter of her friend, but I never thought that you would run into my room in the middle of the night and seduce me again and again.”

“I…I didn’t!” Gu Huan had a guilty conscience. He lowered his head, his ears became red, and they were hot.

Seeing the girl’s shy appearance, Huo Jinyan frowned and continued to walk towards her.

Feeling the man’s movement, Gu Huan quickly backed away.

She stepped back nervously for several steps, only to realize that there was no way behind her, and then she was locked in the corner by Huo Jinyan’s tall body.

“What’s your purpose?” Huo Jinyan asked, staring at her face with deep gaze, her face indifferent and expressionless.

“No…no…” Gu Huan didn’t say at the moment that her purpose was to sleep. He married him and gave him a monkey. After all, they were only seeing each other for the first time, and she was afraid of scaring him.

Looking up, I saw Huo Jinyan’s handsome face slowly approaching her.

Damn, is this trying to kiss her?

The face in front of her was familiar and shocking, even in her previous life, neither of them had been so close.

Right now, she was even more nervous when Huo Jin said she didn’t want it, so that she closed her eyes when she wanted to refuse.

My heart is full of expectation, and my heart is like a deer bumping around, thumping and thumping.

After waiting for a long time, I didn’t feel any movement of the man.

Gu Huan opened his eyes abruptly, and found a flash of disgust flashing in the man’s eyes, and he was a little worried about his first reflection of her.

“What are you expecting?” The man’s voice was extraordinarily cold.

“…” Gu Huan’s whole old face

blushed, and she had to cough to relieve her siege, “Well, it’s late, I have to go back to the room.” After that, Huo Jinyan didn’t seem to mean to stop her and let her go. Leave.

When he walked to the door, Gu Huan heard a whistling voice behind him.

“I don’t like women with a purpose. You’d better stay away from me.”

Gu Huan clenched her hand tightly and returned to the next door in a panic.

Feeling aggrieved.

She didn’t have any bad purpose for him, she just wanted to hook him up!

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