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Chapter 2 Rebirth

When Gu Huan woke up again, she was in a cold sweat.

“Huanhuan, you finally woke up and scared mom to death.” As

soon as she opened her eyes, she was hugged forcefully by a warm embrace.

Gu Huan looked at the young woman who was pressing on her body, and she shouted in surprise: “Mom?”

Didn’t her mother die?

How could it be possible that she buried her whole family with her own hands, so why did her mother appear here?

Mother Gu picked up the towel and wiped off the sweat on Gu Huan’s head, and said, “Did you have a nightmare? Why are you sweating so much.”

“Mom, are you okay?” Gu Huan looked at Mother Gu seriously and interjected. After passing the topic, he confirmed again.

“Stupid boy, are you burnt out? Mom is very good, but you were suddenly unconscious with a high fever three days ago. Now that you wake up, Mom is relieved.”

Hearing Gu’s mother’s words, Gu Huan glanced around. After a lap, I discovered that this place was actually the Huo family.

She couldn’t help asking: “Mom, what time is it now?”

“Today is April 2, 1994. I think you are really burnt!” Mother Gu said worriedly, then stood up and said, “No, I I have to call the doctor to come and see you. I don’t worry.”

Mother Gu strode out of the room. Gu Huan, who was sitting on the big bed, was shocked. With a cloud of crystal tears in his eyes, he almost cried with joy!

She was born again! Reborn until she was 17 years old and was about to take the college entrance examination two months before.

In the last life, during this period, my mother was worried about her college entrance examination, so she moved from town to the city and stayed in Huo’s house temporarily. She took care of her wholeheartedly and asked her to get into a good university, but she didn’t expect her to come. Huo’s family fell ill.

Gu Huan was so excited when he thought that this was the Huo family. Without thinking of anything, he pulled the quilt away and ran out of his room and headed for the next door.

In order to make her and Huo Jinyan have a good relationship, Huo Jinyan’s mother specially let her live next door to him.

Gu Huan didn’t hesitate at this moment, just want to see Huo Jinyan quickly, to see the man who has loved her for ten years!

The door of the next room was not closed, and she rushed in as soon as she pushed it.

After entering, Gu Huan saw a tall figure standing next to the bed. Without even thinking about it, she rushed towards him in a rampage.

Hold it hard, hold it tightly! The fingertips couldn’t help trembling.

Huo Jinyan just took off his shirt to take a bath, but was hugged by an inexplicable woman.

A gloom flashed across his face, and he reached out and pushed away the woman who was stuck to him.

Gu Huan didn’t expect that she would be pushed away. For a while, she felt very uncomfortable, but in a blink of an eye, she was reborn, and Huo Jinyan didn’t know her yet.

She stood in front of him blankly, raised her head slightly, staring at him motionlessly.

He is still so handsome and handsome.

A pair of beautiful phoenix eyes looked at her, her thin lips pressed slightly under the upright bridge of her nose, her complexion was very bad.

Looking at the woman’s wet eyes revealed surprises and even more emotions.

Huo Jinyan frowned, and said displeased: “Get out!”

“I…” Gu Huan squeezed his fists, desperately suppressing the embarrassing thoughts in his heart, and exhaled deeply, and said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to Yes, I have the habit of sleepwalking.”

“Get out.” This time, Huo Jinyan raised his voice, very impatient in his voice.

Gu Huan stared at him eagerly and deeply, and scanned his whole body for a whole week, only to realize that he was naked with his upper body.

She had never seen him naked in the previous life. Although Huo Jinyan is only 19 years old now, his figure is really good and nothing to say.

A few abdominal muscles on his chest faintly flashed, and the handsome face that couldn’t fit his legs together was not an exaggeration.

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