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Chapter 1 Gu Huan, I Love You

Gu Huan originally wanted to leave this sad city, but she was hit by a car.

Before death, she vaguely heard the voice of her ex-husband.

“Gu Huan!”

“Open your eyes and look at me!”

“I order you, look at me!” The

man’s voice was anxious and angry, very ear-piercing.

Gu Huan frowned uncomfortably, opened his eyes slowly, and saw a cold, handsome face as expected.

He is her ex-husband, Huo Jinyan.

At this moment, he was worried, his eyes were red, and his body was shaking.

Gu Huan didn’t know what he was afraid of, or why there was such a deep sense of fear in those cold eyes.

“Huo, Huo…” Gu Huan looked at him and wanted to call his name, but she couldn’t say anything in pain.

“Don’t talk, listen to me!” Huo Jinyan hugged the woman heavily and hugged him tightly.

At that moment, Gu Huan felt warm and could not feel the coldness at all.

In the ear, there was a man’s sonorous and powerful voice.

“Gu Huan, I regret it, I regret divorcing you!”

“Sorry, I knew that you liked others, but I had to use my power to force you to marry me. Gu Huan, you must hate me very much in your heart. , Right?” As

he said, he hugged her tighter, as if to melt her into his flesh and blood.

“Secretly telling you, in fact, in the two months before you went to live in my house for the college entrance examination, I felt that you were different from other girls. Then I observed you secretly and fell in love with you unknowingly, even after I heard When my parents wanted to arrange our engagement, I didn’t refuse.”

“After you graduated from the college entrance examination, I followed my grandfather’s arrangement to join the army. You might think that we will be here and there. Hey, you don’t know. Actually, I have always been by your side. I will serve as a soldier in your city.

Every time I am Before I finish my training or leave a mission, I will quietly go to your school to take a look at you, although you don’t know.”

β€œIn the four years of your university, I was scared, and I was afraid that I might die if I got a mission, so I waited until you graduation, my parents had agreed to marry you, and early retirement, abandoned military business, can be considered inherited his father’s right.

God knows my grandfather put me to verbally beat ruthless, almost put me out of the house, that I Rebellious and unfilial, humiliating, shameful to the ancestors.

But I don’t regret it.

I’m not noble, I’m very selfish, it’s no big deal to be missing one in the team, but you only have one husband. If you marry me, I will do The thing is to be your man, protect you, and spoil you.”

“However, after marrying you, I know that everything is my own passion.” At

this point, the voice stopped abruptly.

“Ten years, I have loved you for ten years. Although I can’t get any response from you, I don’t regret it at all! At least I once owned you. You used to be my Huo Jinyan’s wife.”

“The two years of divorce I’m thinking about one thing, is it because I haven’t done it well enough, so you can never warm your heart, so you have to divorce me.”

“Gu Huan, it is my luck to meet you in this life. In the

next life, I just want you to be happy, don’t know me, don’t be hurt by my love, God can give me a corner where I can secretly see you.”

Huo Jinyan clenched his fist tightly and spoke every word very seriously and persistently. Bloodshot eyes stared straight at Gu Huan’s pale and colorless face.

A touch of tenderness that can melt people flashed in his eyes, only tenderness to her.

After speaking, his eyes were moist, and he couldn’t help but shed a drop of tears, and his eyes were full of pain.

Tears hit Gu Huan’s face and it was very hot.

She was not feeling hot in her heart.

She wanted to talk, but her body was no longer strong.

She knew that she was going to die.

However, she never expected that Huo Jinyan would love her so much.

In this world, there is a man who loves him so much, it seems to be worth it.

If there is another life, she only hopes that he can still love him like this, and she will certainly not let him down.

Gu Huan’s eyelids were getting weaker and weaker. She exhausted the last strength of her whole body and said softly: “Huo Jinyan, I’m sorry…”

Finally, she closed her eyes and curled her lips slightly, waiting for death to come.

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