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Marshal, your wife ran away again

Marshal, your wife ran away again
Other names: 少帅你老婆又跑了
Author: Ming medicine
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


The marshal said: “My lady is a country girl, don’t know fashion, don’t bully her!”
The ladies and ladies who were robbed of the limelight by the marshal’s lady wanted to cry without tears: Who is bullying whom?

The marshal said: “My wife is quiet and gentle. She doesn’t know how to use Chinese medicine or marksmanship!”
Those who were cured by the marshal’s wife, and the enemies who were shot by the marshal’s wife: Are you blind, marshal ?

“My wife is small and tender, and regards her husband as her destiny. I said she never dared to say anything!” The young marshal knelt on the washboard and said with a proud face.
The adjutants of the Warlord’s Mansion: The face is a good thing, please ask the marshal for it!


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