Mr. Queen – 철인왕후

This drama is about a man living in modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty. It will tell the story from a refreshing perspective while showcasing a new type of genre as it takes on the fight against gender stereotypes.

In modern age, Jang Bong hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk) works as a chef at the President’s Blue House. He has a free spirit, but his spirit somehow finds its way into the body of Queen Cheorin (Shin Hye Sun) in the Joseon period. King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun) is a gentle and easy going person outwardly but having a different side also. Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong Ok) the late King Sunjo’s wife, wields true power in the country and has relegated King Cheoljong to a figurehead. Kim Jwa Geun (Kim Tae Woo) is Queen Sunwon’s younger ambitious brother. A male chef has risen up the ranks to find a job cooking for the country’s top politicians in the South Korean presidential residences, the Blue House. He is something of a dreamer – but one day finds himself in the body of a young queen from Korea’s past, Kim So Yong.

Kim So Yong’s husband is the reigning monarch, King Cheol Jong. However, he is only king in name – the late King Sunjo’s Queen, Sun Won, has taken advantage of Cheol Jong’s better nature, and is ruling the realm in his name. Queen Sun Won’s brother Kim Jwa Guen also has designs on power. However, Kim So Yong soon discovers that King Cheol Jong harbors secrets, and is not as gentle and meek as he seems…

Mr. Queen – 철인왕후
Also known as: cheolinwanghu, Iron Queen, Queen Cheolin, cheolinwanghoo, The Iron Empress, Queen Cheo Rin, Cheorinwanghu, Queen Cheorin, Queen Iron, Cheorinwanghoo, No Touch Princess, Mister Queen
Genre(s): Historical, Comedy, Fantasy
Director(s): Yoon Sung Shik
Writer(s): Park Gye Ok, Choi Ah Il
Country: South Korea
Episode(s): 20
Broadcast: tvN
Release: Dec 12, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021
Starring:  Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun, Sul In Ah, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo

Categories: Korean Drama, TV Series

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