An Interrupted Song – 情歌半首

Through a coincidence, Mu Xiao Xi met Kong Chen Yi, the male god of music. Mu Xiao Xi originally thought that they would never meet again, but the school celebration party once again narrowed the distance between the two. As their understanding of each other deepened, they turned from friends to ambiguous and finally to lovers.

Half of Love Song
Also known as:  情歌半首, Half a Love Song , Qing Ge Ban Shou , Ching Go Bun Sau
Genre(s): Music, Romance, School, Youth
Director: Liu Qijia
Country: China
Episode(s): 20
Broadcast: Youku
Release: Dec 9, 2020 – Dec 17, 2020
Starring: Cui Yu Xin, Hong Yi Ke, Zhang Yu Cheng

Categories: Chinese Drama, TV Series

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