Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira 3 – 連続ドラマW コールドケース3 ~真実の扉~

Third season of Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira. due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, we overcame the shooting interruption for about 2 months, the change of location, shooting while taking necessary measures to prevent infection, etc., and the mutual respect and trust deepened. We will deliver the voices of five cast members.

Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira 3 – 連続ドラマW コールドケース3 ~真実の扉~
Also known as: Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira Season 3, Cold Case: Door of Truth Season 3
Genre(s): Mystery, Crime, Drama, Detective, Investigation
Director(s): Hatano Takafumi
Writer(s): Sakai Masaaki, Zeze Takahisa, Yoshida Yasuhiro, Horai Ryuta
Country: Japan
Episode(s): 10
Broadcast: WOWOW
Release: Dec 5, 2020 – Feb 6, 2021
Starring: Yoshida Yoh, Nagayama Kento, Takito Kenichi, Mitsuishi Ken, Miura Tomokazu

Categories: Japanese Drama, TV Series

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