Calculating Love – Sineข้ามฉาก Tanข้ามชิด

“Secretly liking a friend I want to change from a close friend to a girlfriend. Happiness and suffering a little bit of Sin and Tan They both couldn’t know what each other would think. And if he knows in his heart that we secretly like him Will he change? This kind of feeling makes us feel confused, overthinking, troubled and alone but at the same time secretly hoping Let it really be possible someday.

Calculating Love – Sineข้ามฉาก Tanข้ามชิด
Also known as: Calculating Love – Sineข้ามฉาก Tanข้ามชิด
Genre(s): Romance, School, Youth
Country: Thailand
Episode(s): ongoing
Broadcast: N/A
Release: 2020
Starring: Quint Sethlert, New United

Categories: Other Drama, TV Series

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