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The Runner (2020)

The Runner – 大步走
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episode: 25
Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB
Cast: Chen Shancong, Yao Ziling, Zhang Dalun, Liu Yingxuan, Luo Tianyu, Chen Ziyao, Hu Nuoyan, Zhao Xiluo, Jiang Zhiguang, Zhang Guoqiang


Online media editor He Jiaxin was ordered to approach the “Jingfeng Athletics Club” to dig out the scandal and get acquainted with running coach Yuan Li. Due to past regrets, Yuan Li avoids establishing relationships with others, but he often meets with Jia Xin and gradually approaches. Guo Beier, the daughter of the wealthy businessman Guo Huangpu, took the initiative to join the Jingfeng Society with a special purpose; Huangpu became the patron of the Jingfeng Society and constantly wrestled with Yuan Li. Yuan Li was entrusted by his friend Li Shunfan to take care of his young son Mai Yusheng, and the two gradually cultivated a friendship between master and apprentice, but Shunfan and Jiaxin had previously had emotional entanglements. Shun Fan and later abandoned himself due to stubborn illness, Yuan Li decided to cheer him up, and at the same time, he also examined himself and wanted to step on the runway again…

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