“I thought it was antique, but it was a treasure?!” The robbers who dug and trade are coming!

Kang Dong-gu (Lee Je-hoon), a genius robber who finds treasure just by tasting the soil. Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-jin), an expert in tomb mural robbery called the self-proclaimed’Indiana Jones’ in Korea, meets the legendary shoveling master Sappedari (Won-hee Lim), boasting a fantasy (?) team play and raising the plate of a dangerous and thrilling robber .

Meanwhile, the elite curator Yoon Sil-jang (Shin Hye-seon), who recognized his talent, proposes an attractive and dangerous deal to Kang Dong-gu…! Geumdong Buddha at Hwangyeongsa Temple, Goguryeo tomb murals and Seolleung in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul! A world of robbery that grows bigger as you sell!

Also known as: 도굴
Genre(s): Crime
Director: Park Jeong-bae
Country: South Korea
Release: N/A
Starring: Lee Won-hee, Lee Je-hoon

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