Light with the Morning 與晨同光 Episode 3 Plot

Soon after Li’s mother was discharged from the hospital, Li’s father proposed to retire early, and Chuyao knew that Li’s father would not let them stay at home. In the evening, the father and daughter talked, and the father told Chuyao that he should not keep Chuchen at home because of Li Ma’s illness, so that he could retire early and enjoy the happiness earlier.

Chuyao said that she had already found a job in Hangzhou. From now on, she would take over the early morning shift and take care of his mother, hoping that his father could continue to be a policeman. Dad Li touched his daughter’s head with great relief and distress. In fact, Chuyao hadn’t found a job yet, so he had to go to work at Han Zimo’s father’s company first.

Early morning I played the bracelet in the living room. When Chuyao came out, Chuyao showed the bracelet to Chuyao, saying that this is a product designed by their company and can be brought to Li Ma. This will not only locate Li Ma’s whereabouts, but also You can monitor your heart rate, physical condition, and remind Li Ma to take medicine.

Chuyao said that Chuchen had paid too much for this family, but Chuchen said that this home is all the driving force of his life, Chu Yao laughed and said that she would bring this bracelet to Li Ma.

Chang Dale waited for the bus on the street, but didn’t want to be stolen by the scammers, so he could only ask the police for help. The police asked Dale to find friends to spend this time. Dale had no choice but to come to Chuyao’s home and gave Dale some cash early in the morning. Dale said that he lost his ID card and couldn’t live outside.

In embarrassment, Da Le came out to let Da Le enter the house and prepared dinner for him. Da Le gobbled it up. At the same time, Da Le also told Da Le to report the loss of his ID card or phone card. Da Le could only take care of things like that. Say thank you uncle.

In the evening, Dale slept in the early morning room, tossing about and couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t bear it in the early morning. Turning on the lights and talking about entrepreneurship, Dale said that early morning’s design of remote medical care can be transformed into the fitness industry. , Otherwise it is difficult to survive in the market, so the early morning team cannot do without him.

When I saw Dale in the early morning, I just said I liked it. Dale looked at Chuchen’s persuasion, saying that he wanted to talk to Chuyao, Chuchen was speechless, did Dale like Chuyao, love to talk to Chuyao for everything, and Dale said that it was because Chuyao was more reasonable.

Early in the morning, Li Ma got up early to drink water and make breakfast. She saw a person from the back and went to the toilet. She thought it was early morning, so she made early morning to have breakfast. I didn’t expect early morning to come out of the room. Later, early morning, Dad Li also came out of the room, and Ma Li thought there was a thief in the house.

Chu Chen hurriedly said that this was the classmate who had come to borrow his book yesterday. Because it was too late to go back, he let him stay at his own home. Chuyao and Dad Li also helped to round the game, and Ma Li went to eat and let him Let’s eat together.

Han Zimo’s father looked at Han Zimo’s arrogance at home, ironically saying that Han Zimo didn’t do business every day, but Han Zimo said that he had helped his father’s company recruit employees, which was considered a non-staff human resource, and it was also a business, but Han’s father said that he had never seen Chuyao people. Mother Han also came over and said that Chu Yao would go to work tomorrow.

Chuyao and Luoshu were walking towards Luoshu Company with Dale. Zimo called and said that he would be able to go to work tomorrow, and that he would have a party for Chuyao tonight. I hope Chuyao You can bring Luo Shu to participate, but Chu Yao hung up before he could refuse Zimo.

Luo Shu asked Chu Yao what was going on. Chu Yao told the truth. When Dale listened to the party, he was enthusiastic. Luo Shuben didn’t want to go to meet some elites. Chu Yao deliberately said that if he drinks tonight, it’s dangerous. Luo The book had to say to go by himself.

At the party, everyone talked about their dreams. Han Zimo said that he hopes to take his father’s money to take his beloved people around the world, but Chuyao said that he likes the city of Hangzhou and wants to stay here all the time. Chuyao asked again Luo Shu has any dreams, Luo Shu expressed that he hoped that Li Ma’s illness would get better soon.

Dale was sad when he heard it, drunk, ran to the toilet to throw up, Luo Shu and Chu Yao went to see him. During the period, Chuyao’s best friend gave Han Zimo an idea. When Chuyao was working, Han Zimo could go and give Chuyao a grand confession.

After a few people came back, Chu Yao played and laughed with his friends, Luo Shu looked at Chu Yao blankly, and Dale also saw it, telling Luo Shu that sometimes he needs to face his feelings directly.

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