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The Prime Minister Wants to Chase His Wife

The Prime Minister Wants to Chase His Wife
Other names: 冷面丞相要追妻
Author: Tang Li
Genre: Novel, Romantic Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


His flowers, delicate and pitiful, taught him that he couldn’t help hiding her ; her husband was so bad and lovable that she couldn’t help but be moved by him.

Ji Yunchu’s young prime minister’s name is unknown to everyone in Da Yue. He is resolute and resolute in his actions, and he is cold-blooded and ruthless in his actions . Except for the current emperor, other people
can’t afford to provoke them, let alone he just fell in love with a restaurant singer who wants to take it home for private possession. Who dares to say more?

Si Hongyao is not the most beautiful woman in the restaurant, and her indifferent character is not pleasing to men. Rumor has it that Ji Yunchu can look at her just to buy her first night. Unexpectedly, the handsome Prime Minister touched Fan’s heart, not only took Si Hongyao back to the prime minister’s house, but also said that she would not marry him.

Unfortunately, he wanted to marry, but Si Hongyao refused to marry life and death. Ji Yunchu twitched his lips and refused to marry? He has some means to teach her to be obedient, how obedient to be, that’s not it, enter the prime minister’s mansion, the marriage room is closed, how can the intercourse come about.


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