Her Smile So Sweet 她的微笑像颗糖 Episode 1 Recap

Her smile is like a candy. ” Her smile is like a candy “. It tells that two people with different backgrounds, different starting points, and completely different temperaments, but who share the same pain, are arranged by fate. After being at the same table, the two of them started a friendly friendship with classmates.

In addition to his inability to learn, Chu Youning is expert in all kinds of skills, such as sports, basketball, literature, and knowledge. He has a few blocks of classmates in the class, coupled with his handsome appearance and stylish clothes, and he has become The man of the grade. Chu Youning is so dazzling and dazzling, in comparison, Xu Jingshu looks ordinary. She was originally the “little transparent” in the class, and her temperament was withdrawn.

After all, these two people are sitting together, one is the dazzling sun in the sky, and the other is the shining star hidden in the corner. With the identity of Chu Yuning at the table above her head, she also brought many incredible stories of hatred for Xu Jingshu. In the play, the brushstrokes delicately portray the comrade-in-arms struggle and friendship between classmates, as well as an in-depth analysis of Fang Huaqi’s method of getting along with his relatives.

The forgiveness and sublimation of family affection gave everyone the most vivid spiritual baptism in this drama, and together they also stimulated strong emotional resonance among everyone. At the same time, the play is full of strenuous Fanghua campus life and warm feelings between teachers and students, so that the show is full of humanity. “Singing to the light of emotions and praising the beauty of dreams” is the core concept of the show to the audience.

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