The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 Episode 2 Recap

The guest list of Shushui Xiaozhu had not yet been requested by King Su, and the provosting officer took the initiative to take the case according to Cha Si Qice. This was originally a matter of Hengjing’s order. It is a bit strange to take the initiative to take the errand.

This assassination may also be related to the Guanyan Town Military Food Case. King Su was still fighting at the border a month ago and found that the soldiers ate some clear soup and water every day.

Qiu Gaoyi inspected the history of Jin Yiwei and didn’t take King Su seriously. He was making fun of the son who was abandoned by the emperor. Before King Su killed him, he raised his sword without saying a word, and Qiu Gaoyi’s body was in a different place. On the way back to Beijing, the escort officer Huo Xing, a cloud-piercing arrow shot straight through his throat from a dark place. This incident naturally did not threaten the people behind the scenes by Su Wang alone.

As long as King Su dies, there is no evidence of this matter and no one knows, so the assassination of Xiaozhu yesterday may have been done by the people behind the scenes. Fu Rong remembered that dream and the broom star Su Wang. Every time I met him, it was nothing good. I prayed that God would never marry him.

In the hall of the court, the three princes and the five princes had a chat with their uncle An Wang Xu Ping. Speaking of Su Wang Xu Jin, he was a compatriot with the fifth prince Xu Hao, but he was not very close to the princes who grew up in Hengjing. Naturally, these princes’ speeches were mostly helpless sarcasm.

Fu Rong was unlucky lately. Xiao Qixiaoba, who was selling talisman paper, was stopped on the street. Last time, the Taoist suit belonged to the two of them. One piece of clothing forced them to have nothing to do for a living. Now they are looking forward to this noble person. I heard that Fu Rong was unlucky lately. To get rid of the unlucky, he had to steal the unlucky ghost’s coat and burn it to get rid of the unlucky. How could it be so easy to run into unlucky ghosts on the street, so the gong sounded on the other side to clear the way, and Su Wang Xu Jin came to Malaysia as the new commander of Jin Yiwei, and walked towards this side majesticly.

Xu Jin came all the way to the Jinyiwei station, no one greeted him. After a few sounds, the deputy commander Liang Tong led a group of soldiers full of alcohol to greet him. He was rude and arrogant. He refused to block two rows and forced Xu. Get off the horse.

Fortunately, Su Wang Xu Jin also followed the rules when he stepped down. There was no armor in the barracks, and the clothes were made of first-class quality. These are still light. Xu Jin gave Liang Tong another account book. Even the lame rich brother can be used as an army. No wonder Liang Tong can buy such good clothes. Jin Yiwei thoroughly investigated the world for the emperor, and protected the people for safety. In front of the officials, he went against the situation, saying that a knife was placed on Liangtong’s neck.

Fu Rong chased Xu Jin and sneaked into the barracks. There was also a young master Wu Hou who sent him to order him. Xu Jin called Wu Baiqi, and the young brother rushed up, but Xu Jin couldn’t bear to cheat him. Exposed. Just about to be blamed, the real Wu Baiqi came gnawing on a pear. This is the eldest son of Xinduhou and the deputy general of Jin Yiwei Wu Baiqi. Seeing that the Xu and Jin couples were disgusted and didn’t speculate, they would start fighting.

They each used a long spear to pick, stab, or bend, or block, and the moves were switched. They were incomparable with each other. In the end, they stood on the ground and went into battle with their bare hands. , Wu Baiqi let go of the fight, and unexpectedly a palm hit the wound in front of Xu Jin’s heart, but even then Xu Jin was enough to clean up Wu Baiqi, but he was kicked into the pile of goods next to him. Now Wu Bai was convinced.

After opening the wound, Xu Jin turned back to the room and wanted to take a shower. Fu Rong sneaked in. This was a great opportunity to steal the shirt. As soon as he moved his toes, Xu Jin was immediately alert, and he flicked his clothes out and grabbed Fu Rong. This is the girl mentioned by Yue Dan, and so is the little Taoist priest. She is still her now. Xu Shiwei also found that she always stared at the beam on the day of Yue Dan comment, as if she knew something strange beforehand. This person was suspicious.

What kind of a mess of guesses, garbled. Fu Rong had no choice but to explain his true intentions and identity. Xu Jin asked Hengjing to lead the leader. How could this be done? If he wants his father to come, he must not be reprimanded.

At the Hengjing Order, Fu Xuan heard that Fu Rong was in trouble, and he entered the military camp with his father’s badge. On the school ground, Wu Baiqi and Fu Rong sat together, an annoyed Xu Jin who could not beat the injured, and a worried father. How did you escape the disaster? Unexpectedly, it was my sister Fu Xuan. Wu Baiqi originally despised the arrogance of these big family ladies. The next second I saw Fu Xuandun and felt relaxed and happy, but he was still in the mood to quarrel with him in a fake way. She, but unable to withstand Fu Xuan’s provocations, Fu Xuan smoothly took Fu Rong back home.

Knowing the identity of Fu Rong, Xu Jin was not in a hurry. He slowly observed and then made a decision. But Xu Weiwei reminded the emperor to give him the time limit. That day, all the princes, uncles, civil and military officials were in court, and the emperor personally ordered him to do so. Jin Yiwei led a three-month thorough investigation of the military payment in Guanyan Town.

In Jushui Xiaozhuli, Wen Xing also found the girl who rescued King Su and overcame the wall that day, named Fu Rong, the second daughter of Fu Pinyan from Hengjing, and Fu Pinyan was an official promoted from Jizhou. Speaking of Jizhou, does that really have something to do with Nongnong, or Fu Rong is the one who remembers him.

In the inner garden of Hengjing’s mansion, Fu Xuan was angry and ignored Fu Rong, and Fu Rong hung on her and refused to get down. At this time, his father came and knew the ins and outs clearly. The two daughters went straight to the barracks. It was really awesome. After all, it was Fu Rong, who was a stubborn temper, and Fu Pinyan would beat her when he chased her.

Just as Mr. Shu Shui came to the mansion, Fu Rong hurriedly shrank behind him to hide. This scene seemed to merge with the scene of him getting along with each other when he was a child. Mr. Shu Shui was born to block her ruler and asked Fu Pinyan to send Ling Mei to Xiaozhu is a book boy for January.

This is a position that many girls can’t ask for, crying and crying. Now Fu Rong runs to someone else to become a book boy so inexplicably. His parents think it’s okay to discuss it. The Houfu House of Xindu has always looked down upon Fu Rong and Yan Shizi. For the marriage, I felt that Fu Rong was not worthy. This time Fu Rong went to study with him, and he was regarded as a half apprentice of Mr. Shu Shui, and his status and status were different.

On the day that Fu Rong was sent off, Qi Ce came to invite the two sisters to enjoy the cliffs, and now Fu Xuan has to go alone. Xiao Zhu sat and watched the mist and rain, quiet and far away, was a good place for leisure and elegance. The sentence took her to her room and told her not to go where she shouldn’t go.

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