Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 26 Recap

Fan Jianchun and Manager Lin have been discussing the relationship between Li Qiang, Chen Wa’er, and Yang Feiyan. Li Qiang came behind the two and heard what they said. Li Qiang paid for their family’s expenses yesterday, and emphasized to Fan Jianchun that in his heart, Chen Wa’er was always beautiful.

Chen Wal received a letter in the hotel room. When she saw the letter, she frowned and called Li Qiang to come back. Li Qiang was going back to the hotel, but she suddenly received a call from Yang Feiyan. Yang Feiyan’s “help me” made Li Qiang turn his head. Li Qiang hit 110 while rushing to the company. He Dajun was pinching Yang Feiyan’s neck in the company. Fortunately, Li Qiang arrived in time, and Chen Waer also took the children to the company. When she arrived at the company, she saw Li Qiang tap Yang Feiyan on the shoulder, Yang Feiyan cried. Throwing into the arms of Li Qiang. Xia Xia saw his father rushing to Li Qiang’s front. Li Qiang wanted to hug Xia Xia tightly, but Chen Wa’er asked Li Qiang not to touch her daughter.

Aunt Jin talked about the two children at home and there was no movement after the two children called and reported that they were safe. She had been thinking about Chen Wail all the time. Since Chen Wa’er left, she has been worried in her heart. At this moment, Chen Wa’er came back with her child. Chen Wa’er claimed that she had motion sickness and went back to the room to rest. In summer, she told the elderly in Shenzhen about everything in Shenzhen. Chen Wa’er came back because she was angry with Li Qiang. Yes, and the cause is because Yang Feiyan hugged Li Qiang. Even in the summer, Yang Feiyan thought that Yang Feiyan liked Li Qiang. The Jin family and the Zhou family could not help but get together for a small meeting and paid attention to this matter.

Chen Wa’er looked at the business cards of Li Qiang and Yang Feiyan in the room. Together, the two business cards happened to be the LOGO of the entire company. Chen Wa’er couldn’t help crying in the room. Aunt Jin knew that Chen Wa’er was feeling uncomfortable at the moment. She cooked a bowl of noodles for Chen Wa’er to eat, and asked Chen Wa’er to tell everything about Shenzhen. Chen Wa’er comforted herself while talking about Shenzhen.

Aunt Jin knew that Li Qiang had a kind heart. She believed that Yang Feiyan was crying in Li Qiang’s arms only because Li Qiang was kind, and Aunt Jin also assured Chen Waer that even if Li Qiang really did something that I was sorry for Chen Waer , Their Jin family and Zhou family are both on Chen Wal’s side. Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin called Li Qiang and asked Li Qiang to come back quickly. Li Qiang had a job and couldn’t return. Aunt Jin told Li Qiang to return for two days without discussion.

Hu Meihua learned about Chen Wale’s affairs, and she rationally analyzed the matter with Chen Wale, suggesting that Chen Wale should calm down and observe before making a decision. Decisions made on impulsiveness will often be regretted for a lifetime. Aunt Jin told Uncle Jin about Li Qiang and Yang Feiyan. Both believed that Li Qiang was not such a person and believed that the relationship between Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er would not be broken.

Hu Meizhong educates Li Xiang at home, and Hu Meizhong uses the same method that he usually teaches students, and he uses hard things with Li Xiang. Hu Meihua stopped Hu Meizhong and believed that they should teach them in accordance with their aptitude. If Li wants to fulfill his ideals, he must first cultivate his interest in learning. Hu Meizhong heard what Hu Meihua said, she angrily threw Li Xiang to Hu Meihua, Hu Meihua stepped forward and asked about Li Xiang’s interest, so that Li Xiang first studied hard, and Li Xiang also listened to Hu Meihua from the bottom of his heart.

Li Dasheng went to the zoo to ask for a dormitory, but the zoo did not approve Li Dasheng’s dormitory, and criticized Li Dasheng for leaving early and arriving late for nearly half a month. Li Dasheng couldn’t, so he had to call Wu Xikai and ask Wu Xikai to help him see if the neighborhood committee had any cheap houses to rent. Li Dasheng simply said that he and Hu Meizhong were about to divorce, and Wu Xikai helped Li Dasheng find a house with cheap rent.

After talking about a deal, Li Qiang found a little girl crying to her mother in the lobby of the company. He stepped forward to ask and found out that the little girl’s mother was Manager Lin. Manager Lin and Li Qiang took the little girl to the aquarium together. Only then did Li Qiang learn that the little girl had leukemia, and her father left them after learning that the little girl was sick. Manager Lin has been raising the child by himself for so many years. Knowing the difficulties of Manager Lin, Li Qiang did not hesitate to give the 50,000 yuan he had previously commissioned to Manager Lin, preparing to help a group of Manager Lin.

Chen Wal took Uncle Jin to the hospital to buy medicine. She had been restless these days and almost fainted in the hospital. The doctor said Chen Wa’er had low blood sugar. Seeing Chen Wa’er not sleeping or eating, Aunt Jin asked Hu Meihua to call Li Qiang immediately. When Hu Meihua called, the company was on a lunch break. Everyone was racing against time to sleep.

Yang Feiyan was confused At that time, he mistakenly called Li Qiang, saying that Li Qiang was sleeping. Then, Chen Waler himself called Li Qiang, and Li Qiang only told Chen Waler that he was at work at the moment. He stayed up all night last night and planned to squint again. Chen Waler screamed in despair. With a cry, he asked what class Li Qiang was working in.

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