Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 8 Recap

Yuan Qian, who got up in a hurry, wanted to find Luo Xinxin and Chen Qinan. Qin Shen smiled and said that they had left long ago. Because he wanted to match Yuan Qian and Qin Shen, Yuan Qian didn’t admit that he had bad thoughts about Qin Shen. Qin Shen said that the most conspicuous place is often the place that is easy to overlook. He believes that the key to decryption is the sports bracelet, and there should be a hint when the heart rate reaches a certain value. In order to reach one hundred and four, the original shallow running panting, but the aerobic exercise heart rate has not risen.

At this time Qin Shen deliberately approached Yuan Qian, and Yuan Qian’s heart rate rose straight under the tension. Seeing that it worked, Qin Shen pulled Yuan Qian into his arms. Yuan Qian’s heart was pounding, and as expected, the locked lock was opened, and they also successfully obtained the key to the barrier. At this time Yuan Qian was stunned. Yuan Qian said that he had known that Luo Xinxin had brought them together and would not come. Qin Shen thought she came for the transfer application. Yuan Qian couldn’t refute it. Qin Shen secretly felt funny.

On the way back, the salesman thought they were lovers and sent them small cards to promote the hotel. Sitting in the taxi, Luo Xinxin called and said that the dormitory was about to close, but the taxi master accidentally drove the car to the highway, and when he hurried back to the school dormitory was closed. I patted the door and called the auntie to stay in charge. The aunt asked if they had forgotten the time when they fell in love and asked them to sign. In the dormitory, Chen Qinan apologized to Qin Shen nervously. Although he was angry, Qin Shen had a smile on his face, and Yi Ming was gossiping about him and Yuan Qian.

The school was appraised and cleaned up. Chen Qinan gave Yuan Qian the job of cleaning the windows, and ran to help the dance department clean up. Qin Shen helped Yuan Qian change the bucket of clean water, and then came back to help her clean the glass. Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen who was close at hand, with thin eyebrows and thin lips, and began to swallow.

Looking at Qin Shen too obsessively, Yuan Qian accidentally fell from the window sill, Qin Shen grabbed Yuan Qian’s waist. Yuan Qian peeked through the window and was caught by Qin Shen. When Yuan Qian returned the key to Qin Shen, Chen Qinan saw that Yuan Qian was afraid that he could not explain it clearly, so he grabbed the drink on the table and drank it. Qin Shen wanted to remind him that it was too late for his water.

Chen Qinan watched the excitement and said that it was not too much of a problem. Qin Shen, who said cleanliness, actually gave Yuan Qian his water to drink. Just when Chen Qinan wanted to grab Yuan Qian’s drink, Qin Shen hurriedly stopped Chen Qinan. Qin Shen stretched out his hand for Yuan Qian’s rag, Yuan Qian would slowly pass his hand to Qin Shen by mistake. Xue Congyang hurried over and said to Yuan Qian that she and Qin Shen had been criticized in the late return, and were deducted 5 points, making it even more difficult to transfer.

Song Siyi’s rowing team has to participate in the competition, but the rowing maintenance needs funding. The school does not provide funding because of the previous unsatisfactory results of the competition, and can only crowdfund the rowing team. The reporter agency Yuan Qian participated in happened to be meeting with the rowing team. Song Siyi watched Yuan Qian enthusiastically pull her as an audience and wanted her to interview the rowing team. Everyone ridiculed that Song Siyi met true love, Song Siyi. Said that a person will always meet such a person in his life and directly confessed to Yuan Qian.

Yuan Qian wanted to get Professor Jin to sign the late return because he had deducted 5 points. He saw Qin Shen with Professor Jin and wanted him to help. At this time, Ling Wei came over and wanted to ask Qin Shen to help him and transfer it to Chen Qinan. Qin Shen disagreed with this book. Ling Wei apologized to Qin Shen for the trouble she caused to Qin Shen. She decided to let go of this relationship and begged Qin Shen not to treat her as a female pervert. After Ling Wei left, Yuan Qian asked Qin Shen to chase him out. Qin Shen was noncommittal. Yuan Qian suggested that she help Qin Shen chase him out. Qin Shen solemnly told Yuan Qian that he had never liked Ling Wei.

Yuan Qian has been unhappy because of the deduction. Roommate Ganing told Yuan Qian that as an assistant to the press agency, as long as he is promoted at the end of the term, his behavior points will be made up. Yuan Qian began to count on the drafting of the manuscript for the interview with Song Siyi, but at this time she was notified that her manuscript was not qualified. The senior sister of the reporter asked Yuan Qian to interview about the content of the “Quick Love Cup” National College Rowing Championship, Yuan Qian could only find Song Siyi to re-interview and write the manuscript.

The rowing Xuanzhou division trial is nervously preparing to start. Yuan Qian also came over to make up an interview. Song Siyi let Yuan Qian hold the coat. At this time, Dai Yaqing of the reporter came over to Yuan Qian and said that the senior sister had given her full authority. I’m responsible, Yuan Qian is still going to finish writing the manuscript.

The Xuanzhou University team represented by Song Siyi won the championship, and the audience was boiling. Song Siyi told Yuanqian that this was just a starter, and his journey was to the World Rowing Championships. Faced with the “regular reporters” and “amateur reporters” of the press agency, Song Siyi chose Yuan Qian to continue the interview.

Yuan Qian felt that she had used Song Siyi. Song Siyi wanted to continue talking to her about the interview, but temporarily received a call and left. Qin Shen has been thinking about Yuan Qian’s concern about the deduction of points. Chen Qinan told Qin Shen that she had recently gone very close to Song Siyi because she wanted to recover the points. Yuan Qian saw that his interview was not published in the school newspaper, but he called and learned that Song Siyi had retired. Yuan Qian came to the boys’ dormitory to find Song Siyi, and heard the acting captain was talking with Song Siyi.

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