Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 9 Recap

Su Ming waited anxiously on the page. When the reply sounded, Su Ming finally met Gu Jun in the online world. Su Ming and Gu Jun used the secret language that only two of them could understand, using “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”. During the exchange of this book, Su Ming revealed to Gu Jun that he was about to go to Russia with Zhou Zheng, and he must need Gu Jun’s help, which made Zhou Zheng cancel Russia’s plan and gain trust in Su Ming. After obtaining the details and information provided by Su Ming, Gu Jun came to the venue in advance to prepare.

Zhou Zheng and Huang Xin had dinner together. Huang Xin treated Zhou Zheng as an elder. The two talked and laughed. Zhou Zheng encouraged Huang Xin to continue studying in Chunsheng Group and promised to promote Huang Xin. After Huang Xin arranged for Huang Xin to go to Russia, Huang Xin In the company, you can ask your own secretary Zhao Wei to ask questions. Huang Xin was very happy with Zhou Zheng’s affirmation. On the other hand, Gu Jun has made all the preparations, waiting for tomorrow’s good show to begin.

Su Ming received a call from Zhou Zheng and communicated with Gu Jun in secret on the other side. Seeing Huang Xin’s full trust in Zhou Zheng after he returned, Su Ming couldn’t help debunking to Huang Xin that Zhou Zheng was not an absolutely good person, but there was nothing to say. Su Ming’s restrained and worried tone made Huang Xin nervous. Finally, Su Ming told Huang Xin that he was not the so-called “Liu Meng”, but his true identity was Su Ming…

On the second day, Zhou Zheng was about to go to the airport. Su Ming was waiting for Zhou Zheng’s appearance downstairs in the company. When Zhou Zheng and Su Ming met, Gu Jun disguised as a black man and appeared with a gun. Su Ming pretended to protect Zhou Zheng. It looked like, stopping in front of Zhou, Gu Jun quickly left when he heard the alarm ringing. And Su Ming also quietly left at this time.

Zhou Zheng, who was thinking about catching a plane to Russia, was delayed by the police. Zhou Zheng, who had been untainted, had to come to the police station to cooperate with the investigation. The police revealed to Zhou Zheng that Su Ming, who was next to him, was likely to be suspected of a criminal act.

Zhou Zheng knew the case in his heart, but he was confused and could only deny his identity as a serious businessman. Afterwards, Zhou Zheng arranged for his subordinates to inform Su Ming not to go out to avoid being arrested, but on the other side he couldn’t help thinking about who wanted to frame Zhou Zheng to get the police’s attention behind this sudden gun case.

When Gu Jun delayed going home because of Su Ming’s affairs, Su Xiaoxi was worried and couldn’t help but lose his temper at Gu Jun. Angrily mentioning the police status of my brother and father often prevents me from feeling safe. Gu Jun caught the police identity of Su’s brother and sister’s father Su Canyang in Su Xiaoxi’s angry words, and couldn’t help but continue to investigate. After hearing all of Su Xiaoxi’s explanation, Gu Jun decided to go back to Lianyang personally to investigate Su Canyang’s identity.

Gu Jun searched through the files in Lianyang’s police academy, but could not find any information about Su Canyang. However, Gu Jun received a notice from the police station that his dismissal inspection was over, and he learned that he could return to the police station to investigate the case. Gu Jun’s heart stirred up motivation again.

Gu Jun continued to interrogate Li Xiang in the interrogation room, and asked how Li Xiang and Su Ming met. Li Xiang mentioned that he and Su Ming did not know each other. Li Xiang arranged for Su Ming to get to know Douzi, who is in charge of the casino. People are actually testing Su Ming’s ability. When Gu Jun asked again, Li Xiang unexpectedly stopped explaining, and Gu Jun had no choice but to give up.

Huang Xin returned to Su Ming’s room, but unexpectedly discovered that Su Ming was studying financial statements. Pretending to chat, Huang Xin asked Su Ming about Zhou Zheng’s use of everyone that day. Su Ming took a deep look at Huang Xin, but decided not to say more. But Huang Xin spotted the scar on Su Ming’s hand.

Under Huang Xin’s reminder, Su Ming recalled the story behind this scar. Brother Douzi from the casino led a large group of people to find Su Ming. Su Ming’s outstanding ability made Douzi very shameless. Brother Douzi took a machete and slashed towards Su Ming, but Su Mingkong took it over. Regardless of the past, Su Ming is still silent. Huang Xin understands Su Ming’s stubbornness. Seeing Su Ming’s forbearing face, he can only smile helplessly.

The misunderstanding during their youth made Gu Jun and Liang Xue never come together after all. After Liang Xue’s concert, Gu Jun and Liang Xue walked side by side to the terrace. The two men, who had already faded from their youth, wore formal attire and were mature grown ups. Liang Xue is about to go abroad for further music studies. Liang Xue called Gu Jun, who was beside him, and handed out the ring that Gu Jun once put on her finger.

This is not only the engagement ring between the two, but also the evidence that the two once fell in love. Gu Jun asked Liang Xue in distress, if he had chosen to believe in Liang Xue, would the outcome between the two of them be like now. But there are so many ifs, Liang Xue bowed her head and turned and left instead of answering questions.

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