Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 30 Recap

Du Lei caught up with Du Lin, who was about to leave. Du Lin had already surrendered to the police and was about to face her due punishment. But Du Lei’s eyes were red. Facing Du Lin who pretended to be strong in front of him, Du Lei couldn’t help but rushed up and hugged Du Lin tightly, promising Du Lin that he would shoulder the responsibility of taking care of his father, watching Du Lei.

She lowered her head and suffocated her tears like a child, Du Lin only left a faint smile, and when she turned and left, she couldn’t help tears anymore.

Yuan Shuai caught up with the positive and negative Jiang Jun. He wanted to explain his hardship for a few days, but he was slapped by Jiang Jun again. Yuan Shuai was about to continue explaining, but Jiang Jun was drunk by Jia Yuanji and was about to replace Yuan. The handsome Jia Yuanji saw the charming and charming Jonah and couldn’t help but approached him, but he was only treated as a kid.

Yuan Shuai wanted to apologize to Jun Jiang, but he had been driven out of Jiang Jun’s house by Jiang Jun even with a box. Having to drink alone in a bar, he happened to meet Du Lei. Yuan Shuai, who was originally depressed, was jealous when Du Lei said that he did not plan to leave MH, and was provoked by his rivals. In order to prevent Jiang Jun from falling into Du Lei’s plan, Yuan Shuai quickly formulated a plan to chase his wife.

The next day, Jiang Jun and Xu Li were shopping together, but Yuan Shuai, who intended to peep and track, met Xiaochuan who also intended to peep and track. The two silly brothers followed closely at each step, and they were even lost.

The four of them ate in the same restaurant by coincidence. When it comes to reunion, the two of them are angry, but the reasons are exactly the same. In his anger, Jiang Jun dumped the bill to Yuan Shuai, but Yuan Shuai smirked. Hearing the reason Jiang Jun said, Yuan Shuai was sure that Jiang Jun still cared about himself very much. So he prepared his own wife chasing plan: stalker.

Under the attack of sugar-coated shells such as gifts, personal following, loving breakfast, etc., Jiang Jun impatiently accepted Yuan Shuai’s crazy love, but because of his upright physique, Jiang Jun’s mouth still showed a smile.

Li Xiaochuan plucked up the courage to ask Xu Li to participate in the Westworld 2.0 press conference. Although she was heart-stirring, Xu Li, who had lingering fears, controlled herself not to meet Li Xiaochuan again and chose to watch the online press conference. Seeing that Xu Li hasn’t appeared for a long time, Li Xiaochuan can only speak at the press conference alone, telling the media and users about the new design of the bracelet.

At this time, someone asked how Li Xiaochuan came up with a new upgrade to improve the matching bracelet. At this time, Li Xiaochuan mentioned the story with Xu Li slightly disappointed. Everyone asked whether the girl appeared on the scene. Li Xiaochuan realized that Xu Li was waiting for her appearance.

After struggling for a long time, Xu Li only opened the live broadcast, but found that Li Xiaochuan turned around at the live broadcast, brought a lot of camera media and users, all the way to the convenience store where Xu Li was located, and pulled Xu Li away on the spot.

When Xu Li came to the aquarium where Li Xiaochuan first moved to Xu Li that day. Li Xiaochuan firmly believes that with the progress of Western World 2.0, the probability of the two is more than 1%. But who knows, the numbers are still cruel. Xu Li turned around disappointedly, but at this time, Li Xiaochuan decided to give up those.

The stubborn algorithm confessed to Xu Li loudly, telling his thoughts and heartbeats over the past few months. When the wood finally opened up, Xu Li was moved at this time. Under Li Xiaochuan’s confession, the two experienced the same heartbeat once again in the romantic aquarium.

Jiang Jun went home and saw Jiang’s mother. The two were happy. Unexpectedly, Yuan Shuai also appeared at the door, but this time it was not to chase after Jiang Jun. Yuan Shuai brought the brand transfer data to find Jiang’s mother, Jiang Yaoming’s first-line rice noodle brand.

Qian can be officially transferred to Jiang’s mother. Looking at the words on the document, Jiang’s mother couldn’t help but shed tears, and the dreaming heirloom finally returned to the original owner, Jiang’s mother sincerely thanked Yuan Shuai.

On the other side, Yuan Shuai took Jiang Jun to the classroom. Yuan Shuai wrote down all the crimes he had bullied Jiang Jun and committed. But Jiang Jun did not choose to retaliate against Yuan Shuai. Instead, he asked Yuan Shuai righteously this time.

Yuan Shuai knew exactly where his mistake was, and he also understood Jiang Jun’s inner worry. In order to avoid renewing the estrangement between the two, Yuan Shuai apologized to Jiang Jun word by word, and the iceberg between the two also Finally melted.

After revisiting the old place, Jun Jiang and Yuan Shuai walked along the streets they used to walk in when they were children. Yuan Shuai complained to Jun Jiang that the cold war was still going on, and the two recalled their childhood memories.

The same conversation had appeared before, but Jiang Jun asked when Yuan Shuai could stop bullying himself. With common memories, when Jun Jiang mentioned this question again, Yuan Shuai smiled all over his face, hugged Jun Jiang, and promised Jiang Jun that he would give Jiang Jun everlasting protection.

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