Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Episode 29 Recap

Yuan Shuai supported Jia Yuanji in the bar, but unexpectedly saw Du Lei walking in. The two originally planned to discuss the plan, but happened to see Lin Taimo’s men: Secretary Bai, in order to prevent the plan from being exposed, Yuan Shuai Called to remind Du Lei, Du Lei turned around and talked with Secretary Bai.

During the conversation, Du Lei inadvertently hid the data disk in a napkin while Secretary Bai had left. After Du Lei and Secretary Bai left, Yuan Shuai followed him. The data disk is taken away.

Lin Taimo was affirmed by Secretary Bai for the results of tracking Du Lei in the past few days, but he was still uneasy and proposed to follow Du Lei for a few more days to ensure Du Lei’s loyalty.

Under the lead of GE President Jia, Du Lin and Yuan Shuai finally met, and as soon as they sat down, Yuan Shuai was thrown out of the evidence Du Lei had collected, proving Du Lin and Lin Taimo had colluded with Lin Taimo to frame Jiang Yaoming’s dark history.

But Du Lin listened to Yuan Shuai’s analysis and still refused to admit it. But at this time, Yuan Shuai mentioned the suggestion that Du Lin would instruct Lin Taimo. Hearing the name of her younger brother Du Lei, Du Lin smiled bitterly, but she didn’t expect the stubborn Du Lei to participate after all.

Du Lin, who was disdainful in her heart, heard Yuan Shuai mention Jiang Yaoming’s death. Recalling past events, Du Lin recalled again that Jiang Yaoming rushed into the office to argue with Lin Taimo, and Lin Taimo took away Jiang Yaoming’s life-saving medicine and directly caused Jiang Yaoming to die from a heart attack.

Jiang Yaoming’s cry for help echoed in his ears again, Du Lin’s hand was trembling uncontrollably, Yuan Shuai listened to Du Lin’s explanation, not showing his anger, he could only clenched his teeth, forcing Du Lin to surrender to Jiang Yaoming Proof of all transactions.

The next day, Du Lin persuaded Lin Taimo to be wary of the people around him, but at this time the arrogant Lin Taimo didn’t take all threats into his eyes, thinking that his position was as stable as Mount Tai. However, Du Lin began to attack, mentioning the key document of Lin Taimo and Du Lin’s incriminating evidence, and Lin Taimo mysteriously answered that this key document is hidden in the most dangerous and safest place.

After receiving information from Du Lin’s inquiries, Yuan Shuai and Du Lei conspired, guessing that Lin Taimo might hand in the documents and hide them in the office safe. In order to steal the documents, Du Lei used the wine tasting reason to transfer away the key person around Lin Taimo: Secretary Bai. He kept filling Secretary Bai with wine, and finally, Secretary Bai fell drunk in the bar and was placed in the hotel room by Du Lei.

On the second day, MH’s summary meeting started as scheduled. Lin Taimo was preparing to deliver a speech, but Fan Qichang interrupted his speech and proposed to formally report Lin Taimo’s illegal behavior in the Jiangnan-style case five years ago. Just when Lin Taimo asked about the evidence, Yuan Shuai opened the door and walked into the meeting room. Lin Taimo realized that things were not simple.

Facing Lin Taimo who had reported him at the same place in the past, Yuan Shuai resisted the anger in his heart and began his own explanation. He took out the dark transaction voucher between Du Lin and Cao Heng, and between Secretary Bai and Du Lin. Proof of the transaction. Lin Taimo was still arguing, explaining to shareholders that it had nothing to do with him.

Just as Lin Taimo was about to open his mouth to drive Yuan Shuai away, Yuan Shuai suggested that within ten minutes, the supervisors would come and thoroughly investigate all Lin Taimo’s belongings. Lin Taimo, who was forced to a dead end, had bruises on his face at this time, and he insisted on giving Yuan Shuai ten minutes to search.

On the other side, Du Lei sneaked to Lin Taimo’s office and stole Lin Taimo’s files with the password Lin Taimo revealed to him. When Du Lei returned to the meeting room, Lin Taimo thought that Du Lei, who was on his side, was ready to retreat completely. Unexpectedly, Du Lei walked to Yuan Shuai’s side and handed over the folder.

Lin Taimo was anxious at this time, thinking that the matter had reached a dead end. Unexpectedly, Du Lin’s figure appeared at the door, explaining to the shareholders in the meeting room that Lin Taimo had taken Jiang Yaoming’s life-saving medicine. Jiang Jun, who rushed to the meeting room, heard everything Du Lin had said and got it. The truth of everything. Lin Taimo’s successful image was destroyed at this time, revealing its sinister and cunning nature.

In order to prevent Lin Taimo from retorting, Du Lin even took out the pill jar that had only Jiang Yaoming and Lin Taimo’s fingerprints. All the deceitful sophistry lost their voice under this iron proof. Lin Taimo also left in silence under the suppression of the police and the accusation of Jun Jiang. Perhaps Lin Taimo even thought that he had made a choice as a last resort, but he still received the retribution he deserved.

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