Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 14 Recap

Xia Meng came to see Xiong Dun early in the morning and brought her the same wig specially. Xiong Dun was very nervous and couldn’t pass her own level. Xia Meng cheered on her and took out a short punk haircut. Suddenly Father Xiong When he came in, Xiong Dun didn’t want his father to worry, but desperately tried to comfort him. Father Xiong hurriedly hid under the pretext of picking up his wife.

Guo Zhenbang knew the pain of chemotherapy and didn’t want Xiong Dun to suffer this crime. He complained that Lin Zhiheng did not tell him in advance that Guo Zhenbang was going to stop Xiong Dun from undergoing chemotherapy. Lin Zhiheng hurriedly stopped her and repeatedly emphasized that Xiong Dun’s lymphoma could be cured. ,

I beg him to encourage Xiong Dun. Guo Zhenbang is in a dilemma. He wants Xiong Dun to get better as soon as possible, but he does not want to see her suffer. Lin Zhiheng wants to take Guo Zhenbang to see Xiong Dun before the rounds.

Amy and Zheng Zhong came to the hospital afterwards. They wanted to cheer on Xiong Dun. Amy didn’t want to see Xiong Dun suffer, so he dared not enter the ward. The parents came together to give Xiong Dun a meal, and Father Xiong specially bought a mask. He danced with the mask to make Xiong Dun happy. Amy and solemn came to the ward, and they bought new clothes and a large box of snacks.

Lin Zhiheng came to tell Xiong Dun to go to the office to sign. Xiong Dun went alone, and Amy and solemnly found an excuse to hide. Mother Xiong found that something was wrong with them. Father Xiong started to be absent-minded in the morning and burned her hands. He suspected that he had something to hide. Father Xiong tried to hide it. The bear mother was dubious.

Lin Zhiheng brought Xiong Dun to the office to see Guo Zhenbang. Guo Zhenbang lied about coming to the hospital for regular check-ups. By the way, I saw Xiong Dun. Lin Zhiheng went to the rounds. Guo Zhenbang greeted Xiong Dun with a cold voice and encouraged her to face the chemotherapy of cancer and bravely defeat cancer cells. Guo Zhenbang Let her live well. In order not to worry her parents and good friends, we must work hard. Xiong Dun was moved to tears. The two agreed to cheer together. Xiong Dun learned that Lin Zhiheng called Guo Zhenbang to come to the hospital to see her. Bloomed.

Lin Zhiheng came to see Wang Zhong who was suffering from lymphoma. After three chemotherapy treatments, he reacted strongly and vomited Lin Zhiheng. Lin Zhiheng couldn’t help remembering how his father was suffering after chemotherapy. His father wanted to give up. Lin Zhiheng persuaded him to insist on the last two more times, but in the end it was Feeling helpless, Lin Zhiheng felt very uncomfortable.

Xia Meng was packing her luggage at home. Luau suddenly came to her and found that the password on the door had been changed. Luau guessed that Xia Meng was inside. He didn’t respond even after knocking on it a few times. He had to go first. Xia Meng took her angrily. Luau’s group photo was thrown into the trash can, and then resolutely left.

Wang Zhong didn’t want to continue chemotherapy and insisted on leaving the hospital. Lin Zhiheng hurried to the ward. Seeing that his face was pale and hungry on the bed, Wang Zhong once again remembered his father when he was dying. He stayed in the same place. Thanks to the reminder from the fellow doctor, Lin Zhiheng woke up. . Luo drove up to Xia Meng, apologized to her again and again, and took out the photo of Xia Meng’s mother and repeatedly stated that her mother wanted to see her. Luo persuaded Xia Meng to return to the company. Xia Meng didn’t want to see anyone. She called her mother, Xia Meng flatly refused, and drove away.

It took Xiong Dun a lot of effort to persuade her parents to leave. She put on the punk-style wig and put on her makeup carefully. She also told Amy and Zheng Zhiheng about Lin Zhiheng’s feelings for her. Lin Zhiheng suddenly came in and she was not allowed. Xiong Dun was very sad after putting on makeup and pulling off his wig. Adele came to Xiongdun and invited her to participate in an open-air concert. Xiongdun wanted to take his friends to go with him. Adele promised.

Guo Zhenbang recruited several patients from the anti-cancer team to cheer for Xiong Dun. Lin Zhiheng worried that the mother Xiong Dun learned of Xiong Dun’s condition and did not want them to pass by with fanfare. Mother Xiong went to the pharmacy to buy Ganoderma lucidum and wanted to nourish Xiong Dun after chemotherapy. Father Xiong was dumbfounded and realized that she had known that Xiong Dun was suffering from lymphoma.

The mother Xiong was very distressed and regretted not calling Xiong Dun back to her hometown sooner. , Let her stay here to bear the pressure of work and life, and then get cancer. The more she thought about it, the more sad she got, and she cried loudly on the street. Xia Meng came to the hospital with a suitcase. She wanted to wait for Xiong Dun to leave after chemotherapy. She would always cheer for Xiong Dun, and Xiong Dun was grateful to her.

Lin Zhiheng began to hesitate and was in a dilemma. He didn’t want to watch Xiong Dun suffer, but he didn’t want her to lose the chance of treatment. Guo Zhenbang saw that Lin Zhiheng cared about Xiong Dun in confusion and reminded him to calm down and not lose the level of a doctor. The nurse came to Xiong Dun on time for chemotherapy. Amy, Zheng Zheng and Xia Meng have been by her side all the time. Xiong Dun suddenly fell into a trance and wanted to write a will. Guo Zhenbang came to cheer for Xiong Dun in time.

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