Living Toward The Sun 向阳而生 Episode 13 Recap

Xiong Dun sells his beloved clothes, bags and jewelry on second-hand online. Buyers bargain with her. Xiong Dun wants to change the money as soon as possible, but can only reluctantly cut love. Xiong Dun roughly calculates that she only has enough money for one chemotherapy session.

When Xiong Dun was worrying about the money, the fifth brother asked the nurse to call to inform Xiong Dun to continue taking care of him. Xiong Dun couldn’t wait to rush over and was caught by his mother. Her mother forcibly took her back to the ward and suggested that she should be treated with Chinese medicine to eliminate inflammation. The mother also found that her bed card did not match the medical record. Xiong Dun hurriedly found an excuse to deal with it. She worried that Lin Zhiheng would be angry after learning that she took Chinese medicine. Lin Zhiheng walked in and heard all the bad things.

Xiong Dun made an excuse to apologize to Lin Zhiheng, and hurried to the ward to take care of his fifth brother. He was busy fetching water and washing his hands, and hurried to buy food. The fifth brother did not like to eat buns and forced her to finish all of them. When I got up to eat, my fifth brother hurriedly stopped her, seeing that her face was unsightly, he couldn’t help worrying about her body. Xiong Dun wanted to make more money, so the fifth brother moved out to make money and drove tiredly, and a serious car accident occurred The matter persuaded her, the fifth brother reminded her not to exchange health for money, otherwise she would regret it.

The words of the fifth brother deeply touched Xiong Dun. Before leaving, the fifth brother let her take away the apples and buns. Xiong Dun cheered for her health. She saw that the clothes she loved had been bought, so Amy mailed it to the other party according to the address. The mother bear advised Xiong Dun not to focus on Lin Zhiheng alone, but to introduce her to other boys, Xiong Dun fully agreed. Xiong Dun came to Lin Zhiheng to apologize. Lin Zhiheng had already paid no attention and reminded her not to run around. Xiong Dun quickly found an excuse to avoid it. Lin Zhiheng accidentally saw Xiong Dun taking care of his fifth brother, and suddenly understood everything, he quietly avoided it without saying a word.

Xia Meng went out to film as agreed. She received a call from the company on the way to the airport and learned that her advertising endorsement had been replaced. Xia Meng immediately called Luau to be held accountable, and learned that he was meeting a Hong Kong customer at the hotel. Meng came directly to the hotel room, and heard Luao and Joanna fooling around in the room from a distance. Xia Meng knocked on the door desperately. Luao was dumbfounded. Xia Meng warned Joanna that she was going to do her own thing and she would be dumped sooner or later.

Xia Meng’s condition deteriorated. She hurried to the hospital to find the attending doctor. The doctor found that her tumor had metastasized. If the operation was not performed in time, the consequences would be disastrous. Xia Meng refused to operate. Xiao Tian couldn’t find Xia Meng everywhere, so she had to call Xiong Dun to find out. Xiong Dun couldn’t get through Xia Meng’s phone. Even night, she looked for someone from the unlocking company to open the door of Xia Meng’s house and saw her sitting on the windowsill. Xiong Dun worked hard to persuade her and asked Xia Meng to help her take care of her funeral. Xia Meng didn’t know the meaning of living. Xiong Dun explained that she should live strong for her parents and friends, and encouraged Xia Meng to live well. Pulling Xia Meng over, Xia Meng threw herself into her arms and howled.

At the same time, Lin Zhiheng came to the fifth brother and explained Xiong Dun’s condition to him. The fifth brother immediately called Xiong Dun and asked Xiong Dun to come back immediately, otherwise he would receive his body. Xiong Dun did not dare to delay and rushed back to the hospital. The fifth brother exposed that she was a cancer patient and came here to pretend to be a nurse. The fifth brother threw the nursing fee on the ground in a fit of anger, making Xiong Dun hurry up. Xiong Dun didn’t rush to pick up the money on the ground, and sincerely apologized to the fifth brother. She explained that she was here to treat the illness and didn’t mean to tease the fifth brother. She only took the due nursing fee and left.

Father Xiong came to pay Xiong Dun the hospitalization fee and learned that someone had already paid her. Xiong Dun dreamed that she lost her hair during chemotherapy and became the object of people watching and making fun of her. She was awakened and saw her mother still sleeping on the floor, so she came to the rooftop to relax. Rock singer Adele also aired on it. She took the initiative to greet Xiong Dun and sang a song on the spot. Xiong Dun was immersed in her singing, and she couldn’t help but think of the various experiences in Shanghai over the past three years, with mixed feelings in her heart.

Xiong Dun and Adele hit it off as they saw it, and the more they talked, the more speculative. As soon as Adele left, Xia Meng came up. She inquired about Xiong Dun’s whereabouts from Lin Zhiheng and told her a lot of precautions for chemotherapy, which Xia Meng took With her long wig showing her bald head after chemotherapy, Xiong Dun was stunned. Xia Meng showed up and encouraged Xiong Dun to face it.

Xiong Dun concluded that Xia Meng helped pay for the hospitalization fee, but she has no money now. I can only write an IOU and return it to her when I have money. Xia Meng has long regarded Xiong Dun as his best friend, willing to pierce her ribs. Xiong Dun promised to help her unconditionally. The two of them cherished each other. Xia Meng also promised to contribute all her wigs and let Xiong Dun choose at will. Xiong Dun wanted the coolest one.

As soon as it was dark, her mother woke up early and was anxious to go home to cook Xiong Dun’s breakfast. Xiong Dun found that her mother’s face was beginning to grow wrinkles, and she felt very uncomfortable. She wanted to explain the true condition to her mother. Asking her to be treated according to the doctor’s request, Xiong Dun hesitated to say something, but only asked his mother to make her something delicious. After that, he swallowed all the words back. Xiong Dun silently cheered for himself.

Father Xiong asked Lin Zhiheng about the dangers and side effects of chemotherapy. Lin Zhiheng told him the truth and advised him to cooperate with Xiong Dun. Father Xiong went home to look at the photos of Xiong Dun from childhood to large. Tears could not help but he vowed to be with Xiong Dun. Face the next pain. Today is the day of Xiong Dun’s first chemotherapy. Lin Zhiheng came to work an hour and a half early. He learned about Xiong Dun’s situation from Dr. Sun. Guo Zhenbang heard about Xiong Dun’s chemotherapy and hurried to cheer for her.

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