Line Walker 3 使徒行者3 Episode 15 Recap

On March 21, 2009, Luo Haotian and Jiang Liqin were trading at the terminal. Suddenly, a warning came from Wang Yongxiang’s earphones, ordering him to take the ship’s Dafei away immediately, so as not to be caught by his colleagues. Wang Yongxiang couldn’t think about it, and dragged Dafei into the sea. After the incident, Senior Superintendent Chen Liqun of the Internal Investigation Division met with him in a parking lot and set up another task to approach the drug dealer Gao Laosen. Because Da Fei is a good brother of Gao Laosen, this mission is none other than Wang Yongxiang.

It turned out that the previous incident was planned by Chen Liqun, with the purpose of investigating the inner ghost who secretly traded with the underworld. Chen Liqun’s suspicion is not unreasonable. Gao Laosen originally faced multiple charges, but the ghost ended up undercover from Gao Laosen. Soon after he was reinstated and returned to the police force, the key evidence in the case—the laptop would be poisoned for no reason. The evidence was destroyed and Gao Laosen was acquitted.

This mission is extremely secretive, even Wang Yongxiang’s contact person does not know. With Da Fei’s recommendation, and his expertise in drug production, Wang Yongxiang was quickly appreciated by Gao Laosen. At that time, he met Xu Tiantang through Gao Laosen. That night, in the karaoke room, Gao Laosen called Xu Tiantang on a phone call. It was learned from the conversation between the two that Gao Laosen’s exoneration was indeed related to Xu Tiantian, but he also used the hands and feet of another person in the evidence room. And this time, Gao Laosen also asked Xu Tiantang for help to help Red Bull.

Wang Yongxiang’s undercover diary ends here again. It doesn’t say whether Red Bull was rescued or who was entrusted by Xu Tiantang. Judging from the clues currently available, Xu Tiantang climbed down the pipe and left home to meet Gao Laosen. Both Zhang Yuxuan and Wang Yongxiang indirectly confirmed that Xu Tiantang was a betrayal, but the person behind him is still a mystery. Zheng Shumei thought about it, but she couldn’t think of anyone with such a great power, who could manipulate the evidence without knowing it.

At this time, Zhuo Kai was busy pulling the head for Pang Haoyang. He has been in jail for three years and is acquainted with many people in the jail, many of whom are leaders of society such as Wei Ye. Today, Zhuo Kai came to see Big Head Chen, and Zhuo Kai was by his side when his father died. Speaking of which, Zhuo Kai can be regarded as the elder of the big head Chen, and he has friendship with his father. But the big head Chen had already received Tan Huanxi’s notification and didn’t buy it at all. Zhuo Kai didn’t mind, he was moved with emotion and reasoned, and he said everything that should be said. As for who to support, it is up to the big head Chen to decide himself, not to follow others’ orders.

The big head Chen was able to win, but Tan Huanxi was the former Hongying sitting in the hall after all, and at least six or seven people could be drawn. For a turnaround, Tan Huanxi’s strong pillar Nanshan Three Treasures must be dealt with. The three treasures of Nanshan are big eggplants, peppers, and fried eggs. They have a lot of influence in Nanshan, and they are obedient to Tan Huanxi. The three seem to be of one mind, but in fact they have their own ghosts, and they are indifferent. Zhuo Kai seized this and let them fight inwardly, so how could they still have the energy to participate in the Jiuzhiqiang dinner.

Pang Haoyang personally came forward and invited Xue Jiaqiang. Xue Jiaqiang agreed on the condition that he joined the online casino and that Zhuo Kai was not allowed to know about it. Pang Haoyang didn’t know the holiday between him and Zhuo Kai, and he accepted it with all his mouth. Speaking of it, the two met because of Adou. So Pang Haoyang asked Xue Jiaqiang to call the shots and let Adou follow him in the future. Xue Jiaqiang was taken aback, but he didn’t expect Adou to fall into relationship problems. This is an undercover taboo.

In perfunctory words, after sending off Pang Haoyang, Xue Jiaqiang drove behind Pang Haoyang’s car. Pang Haoyang came out of the bar and went downstairs in Adou. Seeing Adou reject Pang Haoyang’s confession to his face, Xue Jiaqiang, who was hiding not far away, was relieved. Now he is taking part in the arena dinners, joining Jinboluo; Adou is so fascinated by Pang Haoyang, which is very beneficial to the task. It’s just that he intentionally or unintentionally ignored Adou’s slight contradictions and did not make the decision to withdraw from Adou. But Zhuo Kai tried his best to help Pang Haoyang, and he knew that Xue Jiaqiang and Adou’s details were a time bomb after all.

Zhuo Kai’s series of actions also shocked Tan Huanxi’s A Ding, but Tan Huanxi didn’t care. His goal was Jin Qing’s Great Sage. Jin Qing has always been the enemy of Chonglian. If the Great Sage is willing to participate in the Jiuzhiqiang Jianghu dinner, the ten big heads Chen can’t match. Unexpectedly, Tan Huan was pleased to pay two million to invite the Great Sage, but Zhuo Kai was even more ruthless, and caught the Great Sage’s only son, the clam.

The razor uses a mobile food truck to transport drugs, and Zheng Shumei can make him fall into the net with a little trick. Now the Great Sage has two options, either to go to Pang Haoyang’s field or his son to enter the police station. But Tan Huanxi stared at Zhuo Kai all the time, had already made arrangements, and ordered A Ding to snatch the clams from Zheng Shumei.

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