Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 22 Recap

Li Qiang was dressed in work clothes, with a sullen face, he came to Lao Yao, who made suggestions for Li Qiang. From the bottom of his heart, he believed that Yang Feiyan was a good and kind person, but Li Qiang had no such idea. In the middle of the night, a worker in the same dormitory stole Li Qiang’s wallet for his brother’s tuition. His salary last month was cheated.

Li Qiang’s money was not put in his wallet. After he got up, he didn’t accuse the person and only let him. Don’t steal money in the future. After thinking about it, Li Qiang still took out some of his money and gave it to that person, who was also in Shenzhen, but if he could help, he would help.

The next day, Li Qiang came to the company. He wiped Yang Feiyan’s office and resumed the scene where the two met for the first time, only this time they changed their positions. At this moment, Wu Xikai called. He called and asked about Li Qiang’s current situation. Yang Feiyan devalued Li Qiang as worthless. Wu Xikai asked Yang Feiyan to give Li Qiang more opportunities. Li Qiang had many shortcomings and many of them. advantage. After hanging up Wu Xikai’s call, Yang Feiyan looked at Li Qiang in front of him, and decided to give Li Qiang another chance and let Li Qiang stay.

Li Qiang returned to the construction site to pack his luggage, and all the workers enthusiastically said goodbye to Li Qiang. Fan Jianchun was very curious about Li Qiang’s return. At the same time, he also mentioned the company’s situation. He believed that whether the company’s salary would be issued next month is not certain. Some of the company’s equity is not owned by Yang Feiyan.

The debt collector came to the company. Li Qiang came to the office and asked Yang Feiyan about the company’s situation. Yang Feiyan did not hide it. If Li Qiang wanted to resign, she could leave at any time. She was indeed in debt. She had promised Wu Xikai to help Li Qiang earn some Money, but it may not be possible now.

At this moment, Yang Feiyan’s ex-husband, He Dajun, came to ask Yang Feiyan for money. He Dajun kept shouting that Yang Feiyan was a murderer. Even if Lin Jingyuan persuaded He Dajun, He Dajun still yelled outside to destroy Yang Feiyan’s reputation.

When Yang Feiyan came to Shenzhen when she was four months pregnant, she divorced He Dajun and beat the child. He Dajun has been holding on to this matter. At this time, He Dajun broke into the office, he misunderstood Li Qiang and Yang Feiyan, and beat Li Qiang apart.

Lao Yao knew about this. He and Fan Jianchun had been teasing Li Qiang. Fan Jianchun even gave Li Qiang the company key and asked Li Qiang to return to the company to help him close the windows. Shenzhen is about to be a typhoon.

Li Qiang returned to the company to close the windows and saw Yang Feiyan alone in the company drunk. Li Qiang, who did not drink after leaving Beijing, couldn’t help Yang Feiyan’s request, and accompany Yang Feiyan to drink one glass after another.

At the same time, Xia Xia dreamed that Li Qiang didn’t want the two of them anymore. She woke up from the dream crying and Chen Wa’er got up to comfort Xia Xia. Li Qiang would never abandon them. She would take them when she had a holiday. Go to see Li Qiang in summer.

Yang Feiyan drank too much. She mentioned the reason why she left Li Qiang again. She appreciates Li Qiang’s goodness to Wal, and she also hopes that someone can treat her wholeheartedly for the rest of her life. She lost her mother since she was a child and her father at the age of thirteen. At that time, He Dajun helped her with the funeral. She married He Dajun at the age of 20.

She didn’t want to stay in the small city and came to Shenzhen. She and He Dajun went farther and farther, and she had her own child. If she had another chance, she would never get married. Li Qiang comforted Yang Feiyan. Yang Feiyan could not choose her birth, but she could choose a home. Yang Feiyan cried and cried out the unfairness of the world. She envied Wal and hated being alone. Li Qiang pursed his lips. He raised his glass to bless Yang Feiyan that she would definitely have a home of his own.

When Hu Meihua returned to China, a group of classmates organized a party. The group recalled their dreams of the year and thought that the person who had the best wishes in the table was the absent Li Qiang. Wu Xikai called Yang Feiyan, and Yang Feiyan knew that Wu Xikai was looking for Li Qiang. She called Li Qiang, and Li Qiang made a short phone call with a few people, and asked them not to go through Yang Feiyan in the future.

After hanging up the phone, the group continued to talk. Hu Meihua mentioned her experience abroad. She switched to child psychology when she went abroad. She chose to graduate, work, and get married, and she was already divorced.

Wu Xikai apologized to Hu Meihua for his love affairs. Hu Meihua has not taken the things of the year to heart. Wu Xikai wanted to know why Hu Meihua chose child psychology. Could it be that she wanted to be a virtuous wife and mother like Chen Wale? Hu Meihua and Chen Wale pursued different happiness. Hu Meihua thought that she lived well alone and did not want to be as deep as Wale Trapped in marriage.

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