Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 31 Recap

Since the lake tour, Luo Qiuchi and Wenren are very affectionate and envious of others. Even Xie Ziyun has no intention of attending class. He often stares at the hairpin in a daze, which arouses all kinds of suspicions among peer students.

Due to the unpredictable whereabouts of the fraudster, even Wen Renjing still failed to find any useful clues. It happened that Prince Kang mentioned the shortage of household accounts to the little emperor early this morning. If the little emperor agrees to investigate, it will definitely let Wenren The government is jointly accountable. Luo Qiuchi thinks that the first priority is to wait for the real murderer to surface. The real murderer can use Wen Renjing to make false accounts. Naturally, he does not want to watch Wen Renjing get behind bars.

After the conversation was over, Wen Renjing agreed with Luo Qiuchi’s words, and immediately noticed Wen Renjun’s thumb, and couldn’t help asking. Luo Qiuchi planned to disclose the relationship between the two of them, but when he was about to speak, he was stopped by Wen Renjun. After a few flustered prevarications, Luo Qiuchi took Luo Qiuchi to leave, and decided to keep his father secret for the time being, and tell him later.

Originally, Fu Yuanzhi wanted to bring the bride price to the door to propose marriage, but on the same day Prince Kang personally came forward to get married with the Fu family. Due to the fact that Prince Kang is more powerful than Wenren’s father, Fu’s mother simply put the marriage on hold, and Wenrenshu immediately burst into tears when he heard the reason why the Fu family did not come to propose marriage.

At this time, Fu Yuanzhi slipped into the room quietly, pretending to be affectionate on the surface, comforting Wen Renshu while waiting for him to marry him, but actually he had other plans. Wen Renshu had never seen him like this, and immediately believed it.

Now Prince Kang has begun to secretly investigate the accounts of the household department. Wen Renjing pretended to be ignorant of the matter under the arrangement of Luo Qiuchi. After a few days, he would show panic and fear, and be suspicious. Witnessed the culprits to show their feet.

Yan Qi was worried that what happened back then was exposed, and hurried to discuss with the lady, and then handed over the excess Xiangzhou relief fund to Zhao Qingcao, and ordered him to put it at home first, and record the accounts by the way. Zhao Qingcao believed in Yan Qi too credulously. He didn’t expect that he had just put the relief money on his front foot, and then he saw Yan Qi and his officers and soldiers broke into the house and ransacked the home for stealing the treasury.

It turned out that Prince Kang found out the amount of embezzled money first, so he brought people to arrest Wen Renjing with great fanfare. Wen Renjing knew that he could not argue with a hundred mouths. Just as he was about to leave, Yan Qi suddenly hurried over and said that someone had been found embezzling Wen Ren Jingxing. This person was Zhao Qinghe’s brother Zhao Qingcao.

According to Yan Qi’s remarks, including the fake seals and silver coins found by officers and soldiers in Zhao’s house, the Zhao family’s charges were confirmed and the family will be beheaded. Everyone was at a loss, but Luo Qiuchi calmly analyzed that the Zhao family was wronged. Wen Renjun wanted to rescue him.

However, Zhao Wansan had made friends with various officials for Zhao Qingcao’s official career. Now this incident has happened and everyone in the DPRK is in danger. , I can’t wait to get rid of the relationship with the Zhao family, let alone help out, there are dozens of memorials requesting the Zhao family to be disposed of in just one night.

Wen Renjun got the prison pass through his father, and went with Luo Qiuchi to find Hang Ruxue to visit Zhao Qinghe. Unexpectedly, Hang Ruxue didn’t respond, only practicing martial arts. His unfeeling appearance made Wen Renjun very angry, and only Luo Qiuchi knew him. I dare not face it. In the prison, several jailers saw Zhao Qinghe’s beauty and wanted to rape him. Fortunately, Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun arrived in time.

Just as Wenrenjun kept comforting Zhao Qinghe, the officers and soldiers were ordered by Prince Kang to take away the Zhao family, and immediately asked Zhan. Just before the execution, Hang Ruxue hit the ground with a long spear, and immediately saw him riding a horse in a red outfit, solemnly stepping onto the execution platform, delaying the beheading in the name of begging for relatives, and then draped the red outfit on Zhao Qinghe, Tiandi As a matchmaker, the people as a witness.

Everyone was shocked when they heard the words. The execution officer felt that they were about to separate the Yin and Yang, and agreed to worship the heaven and the earth first. The two completed a special wedding under everyone’s witness. However, after the wedding, Hang Ruxue immediately took out the death-free token and used it to protect the Zhao family. The execution officer had not seen such scenes, so he could only ask the little emperor to judge.

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