I Fell in Love By Accident 一不小心恋爱了 Episode 7 Recap

The next day, Zheng Minwei asked how the case was resolved. Emini said it was good and the client understood very well. Because Emini successfully handled the matter, Zheng Minwei said that she invited her to dinner as a thank you, and thought their company hasn’t been established for a long time. Taking this opportunity, he simply called everyone in the company together. Emini was angry. There were so many people in the two-person world, but Zheng Minwei asked Emini to order her. I like to eat, because the other colleagues are all exposed to Emini’s light.

During the meal, Zheng Minwei also brought An Ran over. Originally asked Emini to choose her favorite food, but when An Ran came, Zheng Minwei asked An Ran to order, and Emini was very angry.

When the dishes were served, Emini realized that An Ran did not eat spicy food, so she provocatively said that Zheng Minwei likes spicy food, and An Ran counterattacked calmly, saying that two people need to be different to experience a different world, so angry Ai Minnie has nothing to say.

After eating, Emini wanted to go home with Zheng Min alone. An Ran asked Zheng Minwei to drive home with her, and Emini could only swallow her stomach without saying anything.

The next day Emini coughed. She came to ask Zheng Minwei for leave. Zheng Minwei readily approved. She didn’t even ask how Emini was getting sick. Emini was a little disappointed.

An Ran came to pick up Zheng Minwei and ran into Gu Shaoqing when he got off work. An Ran said that he came to pick up her boyfriend. Gu Shaoqing didn’t feel much disappointed. He said he had left the cafe now and was doing work-study work. He recommended Zheng Minwei to sell shampoo, and said that Zheng Minwei was old.

Afterwards, Zheng Minwei asked An Ran if he thought he was old. An Ran said that they were both the same age. Wouldn’t she be old if he was old? He successfully coaxed Zheng Minwei, and Zheng Minwei said he wanted to treat him well. Ran is better, success takes root in An Ran’s heart.

At this time, Emini called Zheng Minwei again, saying that she seemed to have a fever, and asked Zheng Minwei to give her medicine, and Zheng Minwei agreed. In fact, she was not sick. She was still posing on the bed vigorously. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door happily, only to find that it was her colleague, Zheng Minwei who asked him to come.

When Chen Manman was at home, the doorbell rang. She thought it was a takeaway, so she went to open the door tightly. Unexpectedly, it was Wu Hongji who came in. Wu Hongji brought Chen Manman some hot and light food, saying that this would help her allergic The relief of symptoms also comforted Chen Manman that she was very good-looking, and the two successfully reconciled. Zheng Minwei told Wu Hongji about this trick. In return, Wu Hongji invited Zheng Minwei to dinner.

When Zheng Minwei was working, Emini came in to report on her work. Zheng Minwei asked her to take a good rest. Emini said that as long as the company needed her, she could persist. Before Emini could protest, Minxuan would hand over work to her.

When Wu Hongji invited Zheng Minwei to dinner, he said that he was serious about Chen Manman, and Zheng Minwei asked Wu Hongji to ask them to live together. Wu Hongji thought it would be a good idea. Chen Manman moved to Wu Hongji’s house. Zheng Minwei successfully moved into An Ran’s house under the pretext that his home was being renovated.

When they went to buy daily necessities together, the boss would sell them condoms. Zheng Minwei said no, the boss doubted Zheng Minwei’s ability, so angry that Zheng Minwei bought ten boxes directly, and Zheng Minwei watched at night. The pile of condoms is embarrassing. An Ran was putting on a quilt, and just because her hair was stuck, Zheng Minwei helped her. The two were too close, and Zheng Minwei couldn’t help kissing An Ran.

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