Guitar Brothers 吉他兄弟 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Qinghua and Su Mei quarreled because of the previous incident, but they were treated as ticket dealers and were chased by the police. In desperation, they could only throw Su Mei’s guitar and drag her to flee in a hurry. Due to the heavy rain and nowhere to go, Fang Qinghua took Su Mei to live under the bridge cave, showing off the place he had found to live by the river, with beautiful scenery.

Su Mei didn’t appreciate it. Just about to turn around and leave with her luggage, she suddenly thought that Fang Qingming had said that it would cost a few hundred yuan to apply for a temporary residence permit, otherwise she would be repatriated, so she went back the same way and stayed.

That night, two people were sitting by the river and chatting. Mei Su mentioned that she was here to pursue her dream. Fang Qinghua promised to return her a guitar when she had money. But when she heard her playing the folk songs of the Gelao people with leaves, she couldn’t help.

Thinking of my mother, my expression suddenly became sad. When I talked about the childhood, my mother went out to work and never came back. My brother simply thought that my mother did not want two brothers, but he believed that his mother would definitely come back.

When Fang Qingming saw his younger brother bring papaya to do his work, his roommate came to persuade him, Fang Qingming let them sleep, and sat on a stool alone to eat dried papaya foamed by water.

When Su Mei woke up, she found herself lying under the bridge hole, looking for Fang Qinghua everywhere, only to see Fang Qinghua coming out from behind and handing her food. Unexpectedly, Su Mei suddenly fainted, Fang Qinghua ran to the hospital holding her, and used all her money to see a doctor for Su Mei, and then did a part-time job to make money.

Fang Qinghua finished his part-time job and counted his money. When he met a man who claimed to be a fellow villager, the man Wange invited him to dinner. Fang Qinghua tentatively asked about borrowing money. When he heard that it was only two hundred yuan, he immediately agreed and decided to take him to the company after dinner.

In the hospital, Mei Su asked the nurse Fang Qinghua about the whereabouts of Fang Qinghua. At this time, Fang Qinghua walked out to pay the cost of the medicine, and then took Su Mei to Wan Ge’s company. It happened that Wan Ge was giving a lecture. Su Mei was looking for a room to rest because of a headache. She found that there was a person tied up by the organization in the house. I knew there was a problem with this organization.

It happened that Fang Qinghua came in and cared about Sister Su. The two decided to leave together, but Wan Ge asked them to share their experience of attending the class. Fang Qinghua deliberately pretended to be crazy and stupid. He said that the way to get rich overnight was robbery, and the leader of the organization kicked out the two organization. Fang Qinghua’s sense of justice went into the police station to report it, but when the police found out that he did not have a temporary residence permit, Fang Qinghua understood that his brother had deceived him.

Fang Qinghua and Su Mei were fished out of the police station by his brother’s friends, and the two went to the Carmen Guitar Factory. Fang Qingming asked his brother to go back to the university. Fang Qinghua and his brother bet that they would be in charge within one month. Stay if you do it yourself, and go back if you fail. Fang Qingming thought he couldn’t do it and waited for him to fail.

Fang Qinghua took Su Mei to the Carmen Guitar Factory, but the two missed the recruitment time. Begging security guards to open the door is completely useless. At this time Fang Qingming came over, Fang Qinghua immediately played the family card, but Fang Qingming pretended not to know him, and the two were turned away by security.

Fang Qinghua found a pair of sunglasses to pretend to be a city citizen, and then took a taxi with Su Mei to the guitar factory. Su Mei was distressed by the small amount of money in her pocket and was unwilling. Fang Qinghua believed that investment would be rewarded and pulled Su Mei into the car.

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