Guitar Brothers 吉他兄弟 Episode 3 Recap

In order to prove her innocence, Lin Meixin brought Yan Zhenggang and Manager Li to the children’s clothing store, but the children’s clothing store owner refused to admit to selling this children’s clothing, and the three eventually returned disappointed. Faced with the criticisms of the workers, Lin Meixin couldn’t argue with her. There are people and evidence. Even Yan Zhenggang is also questioning her. It really makes her aggrieved, insisting that she has never committed theft.

On the way back, Yan Zhenggang happened to see a police car passing by. Because he was worried about Lin Meixin, he hurriedly chased him by bicycle. When he arrived at the factory, he learned that the public security department had captured the suspect, and the children’s clothing store owner helped sell the stolen goods. There is no record of purchase and shipment, so it is confirmed that Lin Meixin just bought the stolen goods by mistake.

The theft was wronged, but Lin Meixin was deeply hurt. She decided to leave the garment factory and go to work in Hong Kong. Zhou Fangfang quickly ran to inform Yan Zhenggang, Zhang Jinhua came forward to keep Lin Meixin, who knew that when he encountered robbers on the road, Lin Meixin tore with the robbers to protect Zhang Jinhua, and both rolled into the river, where his whereabouts were unknown, but he stayed on the bank. There is an embroidered handkerchief that I originally wanted to give Yan Zhenggang.

Time flies, Baiyun Canggu, in a blink of an eye has reached the beginning of 2004. Yan Zhenggang has already married. He has a daughter, Yan Yanzheng, who is in junior high school. The Fang family brothers are taken care of by Yan Zhenggang and are now half-and-half children. The elder Fang Qingming lived up to the expectations.

He was admitted to Guangdong Minghua University two years ago. The second child, Fang Qinghua, was originally a student, but he wanted to earn tuition for his brother and simply dropped out of school to work until Yan Zhenggang found Fang at the entrance of the examination room. Tsinghua calls for selling water.

Seeing this situation, Yan Zhenggang was not angry. He took Fang Qinghua home in a daze. After a reprimand, he ordered him to retake the college entrance examination for one year and let his daughter Yan Yan be guarded strictly. As a result, Yan Zhenggang had just left, Fang Qinghua immediately deceived Yan Yan’s trust and sneaked out.

On the green leather train bound for Guangdong, Su Mei just stayed in the hard seat for a long time. Suddenly she saw a few large luggage thrown in from outside. Before she could fully react, she saw Fang Qinghua’s mouth dangling. The ticket, daringly climbed into the car, plunged into Su Mei’s arms.

Su Mei was frightened and angered, and she yelled at the hooligan, regardless of the other party’s explanation. Fang Qinghua was not a good stubborn, especially when the conductor found that Su Mei’s ticket was left on the ground, so he slid the ticket under the seat with his feet and sat next to watch her various embarrassments.

The conductor came to learn about the situation, and let Su Mei explain, and still accepted the ticket but not the person. Fang Qinghua just wanted to end this farce and help find out the tickets, but Su Mei was stubborn and would rather get off the train than make up for the ticket.

Finally, when the train was running, Su Mei could not get on the train in time. Fang Qinghua held up the ticket and called out loudly and promised to wait for her at the Guangzhou station. Unfortunately, the noise was too loud and could not be truthfully conveyed to Su Mei.

Yan Zhenggang went to find his grandmother and found that Fang Qinghua had arrived in Guangdong long ago. The news that his mother’s whereabouts was unknown has become the knot of the brothers and has not let go. At this time, Fang Qinghua learned from the school that his elder brother had abandoned his studies. He squatted down on the street in despair.

Even though the heavy rain was pouring, he still found Fang Qingming on the road. Fang Qinghua and Fang Qingming were annoyed that the other party had abandoned their studies and exams, and they fought on the spot without saying anything, until the police came forward to teach them criticism.

Since Fang Qinghua did not have a temporary residence permit, Fang Qingming lied that it was expensive to obtain a temporary residence permit. He dragged Fang Qinghua and ran away. He went to a street stall and chatted about the situation for the past two years, from how he dropped out of school to work in a guitar factory.

He took out his passbook and put it on the dinner table, hoping that Fang Qinghua would take it back and study hard. However, Fang Qinghua also took out the change he had saved and confessed why he gave up the college entrance examination. This scene made the two brothers’ eyes flushed and they were completely reconciled.

Early the next morning, Fang Qingming bought a train ticket for his younger brother, and asked him to write a letter at home and leave the dried papaya that had been broken. Fang Qinghua didn’t want to go home at all. On the surface, he seemed to agree, but after the eldest brother left, he immediately sold the train ticket for fifty yuan, unexpectedly turned around and met Su Mei.

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