General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 13 Recap

Early in the morning, Chu Xiuming had not yet dressed up, and Shen Jin had sat in front of the makeup girl and started painting. She said she was afraid that Chu Xiuming would see herself haggard. Chu Xiuming thought that Shen Jin was sick and haggard. The two of them did not even mention it. In matter.

The candles were lit at night, and Shen Jin was still testing the medicine. She had to try the medicines in the baskets before she knew which nine princesses needed, but the medicine was too bitter to swallow, and what Chu Xiuming saw was Shen Jin was retching, and he was even frowning. When Chu Xiuming asked her, she didn’t say that few people knew about the Nine Princesses, but Chu Xiuming only felt that his lady didn’t want him to worry about it alone. His heart was even more distressed.

He held Shen Jin in his arms, rubbing his palms in her hair, and when he came into his arms, he didn’t have to be afraid of anything, nothing could hurt Shen Jin, and nothing would take Shen Jin away. These love words can be said to be very useful, Shen Jin only hopes that Chu Xiu can say such beautiful love words to her every day.

Xiao Su found out the details of the nine princesses and returned to Chu Xiuming. The fact that the nine princesses had a lover finally reached Chu Xiuming’s ears. With Chu Xiuming’s ingenuity, he quickly guessed Shen Jin’s little abacus today. It turned out that Shen Jin had been hiding things like this from her, which made him worry for so long. The calculating person must be prepared to be calculated, then he will come to the calculation.

The nine princesses anxiously found Shen Jin, and Su Chen was arrested as an assassin by Chu Xiuming. Not long after they met, they are now separated. Hearing that, Shen Jin went to Chu Xiuming immediately and served tea in a pretense way. It’s a pity that Chu Xiuming didn’t eat this set. She had to bluntly let them go. Chu Xiuming didn’t let it go, and deliberately went to the side of the door. Does Su Chen and Shen Jin have any previous past? This is terrible. Seeing him so anxious, Chu Xiuming broke the secret, Shen Jin actually wanted to hide from him to help the nine princesses elope with Su Chen on his own. He was blinded So long in the dark.

Shen Jin alone must not be violated. Everything is still waiting for the Double Ninth Festival. You can watch the moon with Xiao Su after sending things to the general and his wife. It happened that when the general raised her head and went over, she hurriedly yelled that the general ignored her because she was puzzled that Chu Xiuming appeared in front of her again. She thought that she had eaten too much and was dizzy. The same was true when I was looking for my wife, she doubted herself again, don’t really eat too much.

In the living room, the nine princesses wear Shen Jin costumes, and Su Chen wears Chu Xiuming costumes, sitting opposite Chu Xiuming and his wife, so that they can escape the golden cicada. The nine princesses and Su Chen live up to the moonlight tonight. To show their gratitude, the nine princesses gave the rouge button given by their relatives to Shen Jin, which can be regarded as a memorial for the benefactor. After all, they will be separated during the Double Ninth Festival, and they may not see each other again in this life.

Rumors were sent to the emperor’s ears in this way. The nine princesses and the generals and their couple climbed high on the Chongyang Festival and accidentally fell off the cliff. The fact is that Su Chen pretends to be a servant on the horse. Chu Xiuming dismissed the nine princesses’ personal maids and replaced them with Su Chen’s side protection. After they went up the mountain, someone picked them up. Then the people who came back lost the princess, and then released the news that the princess accidentally fell. The cliff passed away.

After hearing this, the emperor did not order the follow-up, but kept silent and handled it quietly. After the maid left, he secretly sighed and masturbated, hoping that his palm jewel would live freely in the way she likes. The princess’s close-fitting maid knelt in front of an adult who was facing inward, and said about the nine princesses. Because Chu Xiuming refused to let him follow closely, she didn’t know whether the nine princesses were alive or dead. Since the emperor didn’t delve into this matter, it would be better not to ignite the fire, and the adult quietly ordered someone to deal with this maid.

Sending off the nine princesses, Chu Xiuming and Shen Jin were both upset, but they were both happy. Chu Xiuming personally dressed Shen Jin and painted his eyebrows about his concubine. Shen Jin handed her the rouge button of the nine princesses. Chu Xiuming was about to put it on her, but found that the little rouge button had two shallow lines on it.

He thought of the jade seal in the secret room, and remembered that the nine princesses had said that this rouge button was a gift from a loved one. Could it be that there is no connection in the secret. The two lines said, “With dry eyes looking at the mountains and across the water, how many thoughts have you seen in the hollow”, he took the jade seal and knocked, hollow? Xiao Su was found again, and Xiao Su smelled the scent of eagle clan medicine. It seemed that he was going to the eagle clan.

Before setting off, you should explain to Shen Jin before leaving. Who knows that Shen Jin would not agree to go with him. The ancients said that if you don’t see it like three autumns, to avoid the suffering of lovesickness, then go together.

When he arrived at the realm of the Eagle Clan, Chu Xiuyuan was responsible for protecting Shen Jin and Flesh. Chu Xiuming went to the pharmacy alone to inquire, and asked the pharmacist to examine the powder, but no one knew what it was.

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