General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 12 Recap

During the sudden visit of the Nine Princesses, Chu Xiu decided to turn down the Nine Princesses face to face. He said that Shen Jin’s good guardian must be thorough and cut off any doubts about Shen Jin. Because of her relatives and relatives, Jin Zhi Yu Ye, here in Chu Xiuming, only Shen Jin is allowed to pay for Qingxin.

On the other hand, Chu Xiuming considered that if the nine princesses came abruptly, there must be court agents around him. Once Xiao Su’s death was revealed, it would be wrong. After refusing the nine princesses this time, he ordered Xiao Su to rush back to the court as soon as possible, first to avoid potential dangers, and second to find out the details of the nine princesses.

The next day the nine princesses arrived at the General’s Mansion. Chu Xiuming neither sent anyone to greet him nor showed any welcome. This was indeed disrespectful to the dignified princess. Chu Xiuming stepped forward to see the gift, bluntly saying that his relationship with Shen Jin was deeper than that of Jin Jian and his wife. If the emperor intervenes in a princess that can be shaken, he hopes the nine princesses will choose another place.

The princess has a good temperament, and she is not unreasonable. It is really wrong to be a light bulb here. So she turned around and wanted to leave, but Shen Jin rushed out from behind to stop her, and generously took the princess into the house. Chu Xiu was very strange. Of course, he didn’t know that Shen Jin had already met people before the Ninth Princess entered the house, and exchanged discussions about their respective emotional lives.

Since entering the mansion, the nine princesses have treated Shen Jin as sisters, and have no royal airs. Shen Jin also single-mindedly found her lover for the nine princesses, but this matter was kept secret to Chu Xiuming. What Chu Xiuming was thinking here must be that what he refused today was not fierce enough, which caused Shen Jin to get angry with him uncharacteristically. Not only did he not drive the princess out, but also led him home.

However, Shen Jin was as happy as drinking honey. Chu Xiuming was not afraid in front of the princess today, but the dignified husband said something to the princess about the love of her children, and he did well.

As Shen Jin’s childhood sweetheart, it was finally his turn for Xiao Su to offer advice to Chu Xiuming. He said that Shen Jin was kind to the nine princesses on the surface, but in fact he was testing Chu Xiuming’s loyalty to her. Her drunkard’s intention was not to drink.

In fact, Shen Jin was planning how to secretly assist the nine princesses. Tonight, Chu Xiuming returned to the bedroom, and Shen Jin happened to be packing the bedding. Needless to say, there were signs of separation between the two places. The expression on Chu Xiuming’s face was confused and gloomy. Sure enough, Shen Jin ran to live with the nine princesses.

Slowly, the nine princesses sat opposite Chu Xiuming for dinner. It turned out to be Shen Jin’s position. Now Shen Jin is only happy to accompany the princess by his side. What Shen Jin prepared was delicious and delicious, she gave it to the nine princesses. Is this still the old Shen Jin? Chu Xiu was very angry, and walked away.

That’s no wonder Chu Xiuming is playing his temper. On this day, the princess held a Cuju competition with a jade hairpin as a prize. Of course, the winner can win the jade hairpin as a gift to her beloved. Chu Xiuming wanted to win and gave Shen Jin a gift, but Shen Jin was forced by the nine princesses to be in love with the scene, so he just didn’t want it. Then there was no way, Chu Xiuming had to turn around and put on the nine princess hairpin. You don’t need to think about it and you don’t need to look at it. Shen Jin feels a little uncomfortable at the moment, but in fact it is true.

Jiugong mainly avoided the emperor looking for a lover and eloped. The first step was to hide in the general’s mansion. The second step was to prepare for the days when he wandered all over the world. Things like Yinliang were indispensable, so I had to prepare early. Shen Jin began to devise a plan to defraud the emperor for money. He said that the nine princesses wanted to improve the layout of the general’s mansion, and the emperor would definitely allocate funds for the comfort of his daughter. As a result, craftsmen were called during the production of the dilapidated illusion. The pavilion and the corridor were not needed. Shen Jin would not sell it if it was cheaper.

Chu Xiuming was more and more unable to see what Shen Jin wanted to do. If it was for money, he would just like Shen Jin and let her go. Chu Xiuming took the priceless Snow Mountain Ganoderma lucidum to her, and she sent it to the nine princesses in a blink of an eye, without even seeing Chu Xiuming injured. Chu Xiuyuan couldn’t stand it. He dragged Chu Xiuming to find a medical officer, only to find that Shen Jin had come to open many pharmacies for treating terminal illnesses. Could it be that Shen Jin has not much time? Could it be that all the money was collected for him? Chu Xiuming became more afraid as he thought about it. He was going to hold Shen Jin and tell her when he would accompany her.

Shen Jin held the Snow Mountain Ganoderma to see the Nine Princesses, but saw a strange man. This man was the guard, Su Chen, the old friend of the Nine Princesses. He hides behind the door secretly looking at the two lovers who are deeply affectionate, and he can’t wait to go to Chu Xiuming, who is looking for her.

The two looked for each other in the house, and finally met under the flowers and trees in the courtyard. Shen Jin found that Chu Xiuming was injured. Chu Xiuming felt that this was nothing compared to Shen Jin’s situation. He put his arms around Shen Jin. No matter how many years are left in the future, his love is only Shen Jin. Must accompany her to walk hand in hand.

After bandaging the wound, Chu Xiuming was inexplicably clingy. Don’t let her go, and Shen Jin will also feed the medicine. Kissing Chen Jin on the lips after drinking the medicine is really bitter, it would be sweeter than kissing again. Chu Xiu decided secretly to accompany Shen Jin through the final years.

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