Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 20 Recap

Chen Wal has always known Li Qiang’s dedication. She loves Li Qiang and hopes that Li Qiang can realize the value of life. Even if Li Qiang went to Shenzhen and hit the South Wall, even if Li Qiang didn’t make money, she and her daughter would wait for Li Qiang in happiness. Li Qiang would always be her good husband and her daughter’s good father.

The next day, when Chen Wal left, he found that Li Qiang had left without saying goodbye. He left a farewell letter on the table. He was reluctant to bear everything here, but he knew that he could not stay here anymore. This time he left. In Beijing, he would not come back if he didn’t make a name call. Some dignity was given to himself. After reading the letter, Chen Wal hurriedly took the child to the station to find Li Qiang. Li Qiang had already left in the car. He waved goodbye to the two in the car and would call them when he got there.

Chen Wa’er waited for Li Qiang’s call all day long, and Li Qiang called Chen Wa’er the first thing after arriving in Shenzhen. Chen Wa’er cried and asked Li Qiang to come back. She couldn’t bear to bear Li Qiang. Li Qiang comforted Chen Wa’er on the phone.

Chen Wa’er was worried about Li Qiang and at the same time worried about this home. There were Uncle Jin and Aunt Jin at home. She was worried that Li Qiang did not bring enough money, and Li Qiang did not bring money. He assured Chen Wail that he came to Shenzhen to make money.

Li Qiang came to live in the dormitory arranged by the company. The environment of the dormitory was very simple, but Li Qiang still resisted. At night, Li Qiang went to the management office to call his family. He reported the good or not on the phone, trying to reassure Chen Wal. At the same time, he bought two packs of cigarettes for Lao Yao from the management office. Chen Wal would call him every night, and he asked Lao Yao to call him in the room if it was convenient.

The next day, Li Qiang wore a white shirt and came to Feiyan Global Trading Company introduced by Wu Xikai. He saw a woman in the office who was cleaning up the office. She said that he was introduced by a friend of Mr. Yang and returned to the office. The other party looked at the hand and thought that the other party was short of gold in the five elements, and he was not suitable for the position of general manager even when cleaning.

Li Qiang sat in the position of general manager, and it was not until Manager Lin came over to ask Yang Feiyan to sign that Li Qiang knew that the woman in front of him was Manager Yang. Yang Feiyan is very managerial. She didn’t care about Li Qiang’s words just now. She only let Li Qiang stay for a one-month probation period, and then set the salary afterwards.

It is not easy for Li Qiang to adapt to work in the company. In his spare time, he is looking for the whereabouts of Huazi, and even throwing money at the Shenzhen Evening News, has never given up looking for Huazi. Both husband and wife are working hard for their lives. Hu Meihua also returned to China at this time.

Li Xiang recognized Hu Meihua at first sight, and Hu Meihua asked Hu Meizhong the first sentence. The bottom of the Hu Mei Center was annoying. She did not go home immediately after returning to the courtyard. She only moved a chair at the entrance of the courtyard and waited for Chen Wa’er to return. She crackled and told Chen Wa’er about her grievances in her heart, Chen Wa’er. One word tells the shortcomings of their marriage.

They are not insatiable in beauty and China, but they don’t understand each other. Chen Wa’er talked to Meizhong about the relationship between her and Li Qiang. The husband and wife are always unhappy in their lives, but it was not until Li Qiang went to Shenzhen that she knew that Li Qiang was good, and it was not unreasonable that Xiaobiesheng was newly married. Yes, she asked Meizhong to find a chance to visit Meihua. At this moment, Meihua called Meizhong a sister behind him, and Meizhong hugged Meihua with red eyes.

Chen Wal called Li Qiang every night, and Li Qiang had always been in front of the phone on time, racing against time to tell Chen Wal’s miss. Hu Meihua came back this time and found that Li Dasheng hadn’t changed at all, but Hu Meizhong had no spirit. What surprised her most was Li Xiang’s education. Hu Meizhong was a people’s teacher, but he educated her son like this. This is how Hu Meihua didn’t. Thought-of.

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