Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 4 Recap

After waiting for a long time for the model to excuse the weather is too cold to come, Qin Shen glanced at Yuan Qian and left without expression. Yuan Qian felt that he had failed again. Seeing Professor Jin enter the classroom and head straight to him, Yuan Qian mustered up the courage to prepare to apologize.

Qin Shen came over and told the teacher that the model was already in the next classroom. Yuan Qian wanted to ask Qin Shen how he got the model back. Unexpectedly, the faucet was broken at this time. In anxious Qin Shen’s hand covered Yuan Qian’s hand, and the two of them got wet again after a short time.

This time, Qin Shen became a sneeze and cold. Yuan Qian always wanted to apologize to Qin Shen, but Qin Shen remained indifferent. Yuan Qian was actively answering questions in class and wanted to capture Professor Jin, but he never expected that Professor Jin would let her do theme park sculpture projects with Qin Shen and Jia Sicheng.

Yuan Qian worried that he didn’t have time to prepare for the transfer exam, but he had no suitable reason to refuse and had to agree, but Qin Shen said he wanted to go back and think about it. Qin Shen’s parents always wanted Qin Shen to drop out of school and re-enter the college entrance examination, otherwise he would not provide living expenses. Qin Shen agreed to the theme park project under economic pressure.

The senior sister in the project has been asking Yuan Qian to take the courier, buying milk tea, and sawing wood, which are all miscellaneous tasks. Yuan Qian knows that the senior brother and sister are running on them and there is nothing to do. Ling Wei came to find Jia Sicheng, hoping to clarify the previous misunderstanding. Jia Sicheng said that he did not deliberately hide Ling Wei, and he respected Ling Wei’s choice. Ling Wei saw that Qin Shen, who was working on the project together, eagerly wanted Jia Sicheng to help, but Jia Sicheng hurriedly refused.

It was almost time to check and accept the sculpture, but there was a problem with the paint. Senior brother and sister passed the responsibility to Yuan Qian, who bought the paint. Yuan Qian couldn’t argue with him, but Qin Shen stood up and said that Brother Huang had forgotten to add the curing agent. In an emergency, I could only redo the sculpture. Sister Yuan Qian arranged for Yuan Qian to make mud at night.

Yuan Qian who worked overtime found herself locked in the sculpture room. At this moment Yuan Qian thought of her usual attitude towards her, and smiled bitterly. , And Qin Shen, who had overslept, came out and saw Yuan Qian, who turned out to be more than one locked. Yuan Qian fiddled with the latch to open the iron door, but was stuck on the door. Qin Shen hugged Yuan Qian down. Yuan Qian was disappointed to find that there was a locked glass door outside. Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian why he worked overtime here.

This project was not worthy of courting. Yuan Qian argued that he was willing. While the two were fighting, Song Siyi ran outside the door and shouted Yuan Qian. He had not been able to contact Yuan Qian. At this time, Ling Wei also brought security to open the door. Returning to the dormitory, Yi Ming said that he was stimulated in the club. Everyone was in pairs and asked Qin Shen what it would be like to hold a cute girl. Qin Shen thought of his roommate Chen Qinan when he hugged Yuan Qian just now. Because he confided to Ling Wei, he did not dare to face Qin Shen.

Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen, who was painting the sculpture, with one stroke, Qin Shen seemed to have applied ink to her heart. She accidentally rubbed the ink against the tip of Qin Shen’s nose, and the two couldn’t help laughing. Jia Sicheng passed by Yuan Qian while pulling the table with wire. Qin Shenyan quickly grasped the wire with his hand, and then pulled Yuan Qian aside, leaving a little blood stain on Yuan Qian’s clothes.

The project was successfully completed, Yuan Qian asked Qin Shen to help lift the water. Qin Shen had injuries on his hand and was inconvenient, but Yuan Qian found out. Yuan Qian wrapped gauze on Qin Shen’s palm, preparing to invite Qin Shen to dinner to express his gratitude, Qin Shen nodded and agreed.

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