Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 3 Recap

Yuan Qian saw what Ling Wei had left, and Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to return it to Ling Wei. On the playground, Luo Xinxin and Yuan Qian blocked Song Siyi and asked him why he didn’t admit to the ambiguous online dating. Song Siyi explained that the coat on his body was given to him by Cheng Hao without wearing them, and he played games by himself. Luo Xinxin and Yuan Qian discovered that Song Siyi might have been hacked.

Ling Wei came to the sculpture classroom to ask Qin Shen if he had seen her dance shoes, Yuan Qian immediately returned the shoes to Ling Wei. Yuan Qian came to apologize to Song Siyi because she misunderstood Song Siyi. She admitted that she was prejudiced against Song Siyi before and generously reached out and said that she would officially make a friend. Song Siyi watched Yuan Qian eagerly trying to stand up for a friend, and he overlapped with the little girl in his memory.

Restaurant Miles Hao was discussing games and final exams with Sang Yu. Yuan Qian upstairs was eating while taking video on his mobile phone. Qin Shen, who was eating next door, came over to get a napkin. He was so scared that Yuan Qian’s phone fell into the soup. Qin Shen said Secretly filming broke the law, while helping Yuan Qian wipe her phone with a tissue. Yuan Qian took the video and told Cheng Hao that he was preparing to report his cheating in the exam by his real name.

Cheng Hao came up to snatch Yuan Qian’s phone. Qin Shen showed up and blocked Cheng Hao. Yuan Qian asked Cheng Hao to face him within a day and apologize to Luo Xinxin online. . Yuan Qian was very happy to share with Qin Hao how he caught Cheng Hao. Qin Hao smiled slightly while watching Yuan Qian who was jumping, his heartbeat speeded up involuntarily as he looked at each other, Yuan Qian turned back nervously. Seeing to hit the street lamp, Qin Shen caught her in time.

In the sculpture classroom, Yi Ming is talking about the 90th anniversary of Xuanzhou University this year. Every department will have a program to let Yuan Qianlai collect class fees to better prepare for the program. Only Qin Shen in the class hadn’t paid the class fee. He asked Yuan Qian to go to the basketball court to get cash. Yuan Qian recalled the heartbeat atmosphere with Qin Shen the last two times and couldn’t help but laugh. Looking at Qin Shen playing basketball, Yuan Qian admits that Qin Shen is in good shape. The golfers teased Qin Shen’s girlfriend for coming.

Under Yuan Qian’s urging, Qin Shen explained to everyone that he was not a girlfriend, and Song Siyi grabbed him. Yuan Qianneck said that he could be his girlfriend. In the boys’ dormitory, everyone was wondering who confessed to Yuan Qian and urged Qin Shen to act quickly. Qin Shen said that she didn’t like Yuan Qian, and asked her to withdraw cash because there was no money in the phone. The roommates were still trying to test Qin. deep.

Yuan Qian, who was rushing to class, accidentally bumped into Qin Shen again, watching Qin Shen’s clean white shirt leave her own lip print on him, Yuan Qian awkwardly did not explain, Yuan Qian, who signed in for his roommate, was signed by Professor Jin. Grab it right. Professor Jin told everyone that next year, the Department of Sculpture will no longer enroll students. Yuan Qian couldn’t help but worry about what to do if everyone discovers that he is about to transfer. After class, Qin Shen hurried to wash his shirt by the pool, and was spotted by a few roommates.

Professor Jin saw that the students in the class did not have a strong sense of structure, and decided to add a sketch class. He was worried about the female model. It happened that Yuan Qian came to the office to explain the signing, and Yuan Qian Yiting took the initiative to find a female model. Yuan Qian heard that Yi Ming said that he was also the model Qin Shen talked about last semester, because he had a strong aura and would bargain, Yuan Qian could only please Qin Shen.

Seeing Qin Shen’s dry hands making the sculpture, Yuan Qian took out his hand cream and applied it to Qin Shen, and gave the hand cream to Qin Shen. Before he could ask for it, Luo Xinxin told Yuan Qian last semester Qin Shen only wanted to cope, but he didn’t expect to succeed. Qin Shen looked at the hand cream in the dormitory, and his mind was full of original expressions.

He also browsed the model information on the website. Qin Shen helped Yuan Qian make an appointment for modeling time, but Professor Jin asked Qin Shen to help him record the lecture. Qin Shen was worried that Yuan Qian saw the model alone. After the lecture, he hurried back to find Yuan Qian, but heard that Yuan Qian was doing it for him. Find a model to please yourself.

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