Parallel Lost 平行迷途 Episode 6 Recap

While Su Ming was searching, he found Gu Jun’s flashlight. Sure enough, Gu Jun was lying under the slope, unable to move because of an ankle injury. Concerned about Gu Jun’s injury, Su Ming took Gu Jun on his back and walked all the way to the campsite. Although Gu Jun was hurt, he still felt guilty in his heart. Waiting for the dead of night, I found Su Ming, who was also unable to sleep, and expressed my gratitude. Su Ming just smiled and said that he just wanted to protect the person who cared, and would not give up anyone.

A week later, shooting training began. Gu Jun’s grades were outstanding. The teacher asked Gu Jun to join the shooting team, while Su Ming on the other side had not satisfactory grades. Gu Jun helped Su Ming practice more after class. The relationship between the two has long gone from being a mere rival to a deeper friendship.

Su Ming was called to the office of the inspection team. It turned out that someone found a bullet under Su Ming’s pillow. The inspector team teacher ordered Su Ming to explain the origin of the bullet, but Su Ming remained silent. After learning the news, Gu Jun rushed to the inspection team and lied to the teacher that the bullet was given to Su Ming as a souvenir.

But Gu Jun’s behavior was seen through by the teacher at a glance. Because the two had excellent grades, they were only penalized for review. After leaving the office, Su Ming confessed to Gu Jun that this bullet was the last thing his father left for him. After quietly listening to Su Ming’s words, Gu Jun remained silent.

The relationship between Liang Xue and Gu Jun is getting closer and closer. Gu Jun took Liang Xue to a bookstore, substituting the title of the book, and expressed love. Liang Xue saw these sweet words after another and understood Gu Jun’s Xin Yi lost resistance under the attack of sugar-coated shells, and Liang Xue couldn’t help becoming shy. The relationship between the two was also established without words.

After returning home, Gu’s father and Gu’s mother talked about the marriage room. The parents of the two families had already discussed their future plans. Gu Jun couldn’t help but start giggling when he thought of their future. When they came to this future wedding room with Liang Xue, the two young lovers began to conceive a sweet future together. At this time, everything went smoothly and the relationship between the two was intimate.

Liang Xue sang a song in the bar. The house was full of colors. The delicate face and sweet singing made Liang Xue a lot of suitors. Under the fierce attack of a boy, Liang Xue had to confess that she had a boyfriend, but The other party firmly didn’t believe it. Reluctantly, Gu Jun was not by his side, Liang Xue could only hug Su Ming on the side and explained to the suitor that Su Ming was her boyfriend.

When the difficult suitor left, Liang Xue let go of Su Ming. Explain what I did. Su Ming, who inadvertently waited until Liang Xue came out, proposed to pick up Liang Xue by the way. Under the courtesy, Su Ming was also invited to a gathering with Liang Xue’s friends, and everyone took pictures, drinks, sang together…

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