I Fell in Love By Accident 一不小心恋爱了 Episode 3 Recap

Wu Hongji and Chen Manman made great progress. They went out to play together. They stayed in the hotel for a week and did not go out. The gifts they brought to An Ran were bought at the airport.

When An Ran was consulting a client of hers, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. She went to the toilet and retched and found a nosebleed.

Zheng Minwei was still in the office waiting for An Ran to arrive. After confirming An Ran’s appointment with Emini, he called An Ran and said she was late, but it was Chen Manman who answered the phone. Chen Manman said An Ran. I fainted at the company and shed a lot of blood. Chen Manman hung up the phone without making it clear. Zheng Minwei hurried to the hospital. After seeing An Ran, he hugged her tightly, but An Ran was fine. It’s just some low blood sugar.

At this time, Chen Manman saw Zheng Minwei coming, and guessed what they had. The client denied it. An Ran still thought about Zheng Minwei’s consultation, but Zheng Minwei told her not to fight like this. Just go, let her take care of herself.

Zheng Minwei sent them home, and Zheng Minwei told An Ran that she could not be so strong and could rely on others occasionally.

Chen Manman told An Ran tonight that she was anxious to see Zheng Minwei in the hospital today. She felt that Zheng Minwei was tempted by An Ran, and that Zheng Minwei’s conditions were quite good, so An Ran and Zheng Minwei would try.

When Zheng Minwei talked to Wu Hongji about this matter, Wu Hongji said that he was tempted by An Ran. Zheng Minwei did not admit it. Wu Hongji asked Zheng Minwei a few questions. Zheng Minwei finally realized his thoughts, Wu Hongji He urged Zheng Minwei to chase An Ran.

An Ran rejected Chen Manman’s proposal. She felt that it was nice to be alone, and there was no need to jump into the fire pit.

Wu Hongji claimed to kill countless girls in seconds, so he taught Zheng Minwei how to chase girls. First, he had to send flowers, and then he had to learn how to wall dong, and then he would have a candlelight dinner. Zheng Minwei thinks it makes sense.

The next day, Zheng Minwei sent flowers to An Ran, but did not leave her name. Someone reported to An Ran and praised her for their beautiful flowers. An Ran asked her to divide the flowers.

When An Ran came to give Zheng Minwei’s consultation, he talked about the bouquet of roses in the morning, and An Ran said that it might be an elderly customer who sent it. Zheng Minwei was worried, and Zheng Minwei was distracted in the subsequent consultation. So An Ran noticed that he was absent-minded, and ended today’s consultation. Zheng Minwei remembered the wall-dong taught by Wu Hongji yesterday, so he rushed to think of the wall-dong Anran, but failed. He also remembered the candlelight dinner, so he made an appointment. An Ran has dinner tonight.

After An Ran came to the restaurant, Zheng Minwei hadn’t come yet, but he was actually playing the violin, but An Ran didn’t wear contact lenses today, so Zheng Minwei’s heart was destined to be disappointed.

Zheng Minwei sent messages to Wu Hongji for assistance. Zheng Minwei said that this restaurant is suitable for dating. An Ran was very happy that Zheng Minwei was able to open up his mind. He said that their relationship is actually not suitable for private appointments, which is not good for customers. Emotional counseling, but she is very happy to see Zheng Minwei get acquainted, and when their contract expires, she can retire successfully. Wu Hongji has been sending messages to Zheng Minwei, but Zheng Minwei did not come and answer.

Zheng Minwei remembered what An Ran had said, so he called Emini to terminate the contract with An Ran, and two more consultations would actually be enough, but An Ran was very angry after receiving the call.

When An Ran came to terminate the contract the next day, Zheng Minwei successfully implemented a wall-bang on her and kissed An Ran.

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