Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 Episode 12 Recap

Duan Jian consulted the bar owner, Dahai, and asked him to calculate when he could add it to Jiajia’s WeChat. Dahai persuaded Duan Jian to give up, but Jiajia didn’t like him at all. Duan Jian misrepresented that Yue Ran and David were married, and had to hold a party for it. David came to the bar and couldn’t believe it when he heard this. He felt that Yue Ran was indifferent to himself. Dahai felt that Yue Ran deliberately teased David, first coldly talked to David and then deliberately released the news. David believed it was true and left immediately to prepare for the party tomorrow night. Xie Fanyu was very angry when he heard employees talking about Yue Ran’s marriage with David in the bathroom.

At the party, Duan Jian sang a song for a long time, but it was too late to see David’s arrival. Yue Ran was also very surprised when he heard it. Xie Fanyu took two bodyguards at the door of the party, so that once the bodyguards saw David, he would immediately take them away. Xie Fanyu entered the room, everyone was stunned. David was wearing a big bear suit and the bodyguard did not recognize him. David entered the room smoothly. Everyone guessed that David was wearing a bear costume, so they pushed Yue Ran to David’s side. Xie Fanyu wanted to stop but was stopped by Duan Jian. David proposed to Yue Ran, but Yue Ran refused. Yue Ran didn’t know what was going on. Xie Fanyu was very happy, singing around the two. David apologized awkwardly to everyone, turned and left.

At the end of the party, Xie Fanyu offered to send Yue Ran, but Yue Ran was unwilling. Xie Fanyu scared Yue Ran, and Yue Ran had to follow Xie Fanyu. The drunk Susan asked Lu Hao if she would marry herself, but Lu Hao didn’t give Susan the answer she wanted, which made Susan very sad and angrily proposed to break up.

Xie Fanyu and Yue Ran were sitting in the car, but the car couldn’t start. When Xie Fanyu was about to get out of the car to see if the car had gas, the door could not be opened. Yue Ran and Xie Fanyu called the people around, but no one heard the call and left one after another. Jiajia gave all her salary for this month to her mother, who received the money, but did not speak. Jiajia told her mother that today was her birthday, and her mother gave Jiajia a red envelope, but Jiajia did not accept a person to cry secretly.

Jiajia remembered that when she was a child, her mother lost in mahjong and blamed her for standing next to her. , The person who played mahjong with her mother speaks for Jia Jia, and her mother fights with them, but Jia Jia is pushed to the ground. Jiajia wiped her mother’s wounds, and her mother complained that whenever she saw Jiajia’s eyes, it was exactly the same as her father’s father. Jiajia continued to look at her mother, and her mother didn’t want to look at Jiajia’s eyes, so she beat Jiajia. Jiajia told her mother that today was her birthday, so she told her not to fight, and her mother took out twenty yuan and asked Jiajia to buy some food. Yue Ran and Xie Fanyu had no cell phone signals, so they could only wait for others to rescue them at dawn.

Duan Jian went to the bathroom to look for Jiajia, Jiajia tidied up and walked out of the bathroom. Duan Jian found that Jiajia was crying. She asked Jiajia why she didn’t say anything. Duan Jian wished Jiajia a happy birthday. Jiajia looked at the only person who remembered her birthday and was very moved, and kissed him excitedly.

Luo Fei came to Shizhan and decided to go with Shizhan. She was good at health preservation and confessed her true feelings to Shizhan. Shi gave heartfelt consent to let Luo Fei take care of him. The two embraced. In the car, Xie Fanyu deliberately angered Yue Ran about David’s proposal, but Yue Ran didn’t bother to talk to Xie Fanyu.

David drank his sorrows. In order to prevent David from drunk to death, Dahai pretended that Yue Ran asked David to propose to him to help him analyze the reasons for David’s failure. Even if he was sad, he should know where he failed. After David tried to propose marriage again, he knew that Yue Ran didn’t love herself, but was just an idol in her heart. David knew her problem and thanked Dahai for his help.

The next day, Xie Fanyu and Yue Ran were rescued by passing security. When Yue Ran returned to the dormitory and saw the suitcase, Luo Fei was also saying goodbye to everyone, Jiajia teased Luo Fei to find her own happiness. Luo Fei said goodbye to everyone, everyone let Luo Fei be happy.

At the meeting, Xie Liming announced that Xie Fanyu would be the general manager. Yue Ran muttered privately when the employees were worried that Xie Fanyu would have a hard time after sitting on the general manager. Yue Ran helped Xie Fanyu speak but everyone was very curious. Although he didn’t agree with Xie Fanyu, today Yue Ran actually helped Xie Fanyu speak.

Xie Fanyu used the power of general manager to expel David. Xie Liming disagreed. Xie Fanyu explained the reason why he expelled David. David knew the industry rules and he would ask him more. David’s performance in the past two years has not been as good as before, and he is already going downhill, and now that he is the general manager, David must be jealous. Xie Liming sees Xie Fanyu is thinking about the hotel and agrees to expel David.

David called Xie Fanyu to meet, and David also submitted a letter of resignation. It happened that Xie Fanyu also had the idea of expelling David, and the two competed confidently. David took away a few people from the front office and the guest room of the catering department. Xie Fanyu didn’t expect David to be prepared.

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