Guitar Brothers 吉他兄弟 Episode 1 Recap

In 1987, the spring breeze of China’s reform and opening up will eventually blow into the mountains of northern Guizhou. The secretary of Fengzhu Village notified all villagers to receive relief food through a high-pitched speaker. Lin Meixin arrived upon hearing the news and saw that the dam field was crowded with many villagers who were arguing over how to distribute the relief food.

The old secretary was also worried about the poverty in the village, and finally decided to distribute relief food according to the person’s hair and appealed to all unmarried people. The women participated in the “Three Hundred Women’s Army Going South to Guangzhou” organized by Zheng’an County and went out to work.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice came to an end, no one responded from the unmarried women, and the villagers dispersed in a rush. Only Lin Meixin, who was solely responsible for the family responsibility, chose to stay and sign up. It’s a pity that she was married and had children, and she still had her mother-in-law and two sons to take care of, so the village party secretary let her beg for it, but she refused.

That night, Lin Meixin packed up her luggage as soon as possible, and left the house as soon as the sky dawned, and resolutely stepped down the mountain. Even though the mother-in-law tried to stay and her son cried, she still failed to stop her from moving forward. She just wanted to use this opportunity to change the status quo of the family, support her two sons to go to school, and get rid of the shackles of “poverty” completely.

After the registration of the Five Hundred Women’s Army was over, the young women gathered in front of Zunyi Station. After listening to the impassioned speech by County Mayor Zhao, they followed the leading cadre Yan Zhenggang on the train to Guangzhou and chose their seats. Lin Meixin walked for three days, rushing into the carriage while the train was running, and righteously criticized her for being too reckless and undisciplined, but no name about Lin Meixin was found on the list.

Seeing that the soles of Lin Meixin’s shoes were worn out, and her toes were bloody and bloody, she couldn’t bear it, so she simply went to report the matter to fellow leader Lao Chen. Since Lin Meixin was in the ranks of the Three Hundred Women’s Army, Old Chen considered Lin Meixin’s unknown origin and was afraid of taking responsibility, and strongly demanded Yan Zhenggang to send Lin Meixin away at the next stop.

Holding the potion and cotton ball, Yan Zhenggang was planning to wipe the wound for Lin Meixin first, but when he saw that Lin Meixin washed the dust off her face with water, she was a little stunned.

At first, Lin Meixin insisted on not allowing Yan Zhenggang to touch his feet because of the difference between men and women, but because of his uprightness, he simply put down his grudges and defenses.

The next station arrived in a blink of an eye, and Yan Zhenggang was about to send Lin Meixin home. Unexpectedly, when the train was about to start, Lin Meixin insisted on carrying her luggage and ran back to the carriage, and then sincerely expressed her thoughts and talked about his sons Fang Qingming and Fang Qinghua . Because the Three Hundred Women’s Army had work quotas, it happened that Huang Atao from Yangshan Town did not come, so Lin Meixin replaced her and successfully became a member of the Women’s Army.

Through Yan Zhenggang’s introduction, Lin Meixin got to know Zhang Jinhua and Zhou Fangfang in the same town. Because of the long distance, it took a day and night to get there. Yan Zhenggang wanted to use singing to boost morale, but because of his military background, military songs are not well known to everyone.

Just when the atmosphere fell into embarrassment, Lin Meixin picked up the leaves and played the Gelao folk song. The sisters in the carriage were homesick and sang to the tune, simple and melodious.

When you walk out of Guangzhou Station, you will see many high-rise buildings, busy traffic, and the scenery of a big city. The Three Hundred Women’s Army boarded the bus and drove towards the factory like a rush. Lin Meixin couldn’t catch up in time and could only watch the bus leave, leaving her and Yan Zhenggang behind. Yan Zhenggang took Lin Meixin to the terminal by bus, and as the whistle sounded, a passenger ship to Panyu moved forward.

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