Great Age 创业年代 Episode 22 Recap

Zhou Dingbei believes that the future is the era of personal computers and must be one step ahead of Chaoxin. It is just that Wang Yong is conservative and worried that he will not chew too much. Enterprises are worried that lawsuits will use genuine, but individuals may not necessarily use genuine software. But Zhou Dingbei’s intention is not to abandon the enterprise software sector but to increase the research and development of personal software. Ming-Chiu Kwong met Mr.

Thomas on the forum and invited him to lunch to further discuss IT. Thomas only asked Ming-Chiu Kwong to think about the core of future technology. Just like Thomas doesn’t like Western food and prefers Chinese food, don’t rely on your own ideas Judge things. Jiang Cheng and Yao Kun set off to Chengdu to participate in the bidding process. Wang Yong was on the plane. The two sides did not tell the truth, only seeing the truth at the negotiating table. The advantage of Chaoxin in EPR software is that it is completely Chinese, and the Chinese can use it at a glance. It was precisely because of this that Jing Qi was temporarily at the forward, and Wang Yong urgently called Zhou Dingbei.

Zhou Dingbei ordered Wang Yong not to worry. He went to find a local talent, Xu Zhongheng, who also had Chinese-language software in his hands, so he could search directly after typing. When Wang Yong had a face-to-face meeting with Xu Zhongheng, he could not persuade him to sell the software, and no matter what good conditions Wang Yong offered or any other company found him, he was always stubborn. Yu Wenjing met with Hao Bing for an interview. Hao Bing has become the boss of a software development company and is confident in her company’s software technology. However, the capital chain is broken during the software development process and cannot be carried out.

I hope Chaoxin can buy it. . Yu Wenjing told Mei Zhaohe about Hao Bing’s interview. Although Mei Zhaohe knew that Hao Bing was still talented, the risk of buying undeveloped semi-finished software was still too great. Wang Yong decided to stalk Xu Zhongheng, staying on his way off work, not talking about official business, only saying that he would learn Chinese input method from Xu Zhongheng, Xu Zhongheng saw Wang Yong sincerely and agreed to teach him.

Wang Yong explained to Xu Zhongheng that the backbone technicians of the institute were all in the banner and invited Xu Zhongheng to enter the banner, and the level given was not low, and more importantly, every sale could be divided into Xu Zhongheng. Sichuan Chemical Industry Group finally decided to cooperate with Chaoxin and can sign the contract immediately. Hong Yuqiao is concerned about the current sales of the game market, and accidentally found that the game is not Chinese, and the game player has no Chinese display in the dialog box during the game. The game experience is not the best.

Hong Yuqiao suddenly remembered that Su Yan had done Chinese input software, and asked her to show it to herself, and also announced a major decision to stop the production of handheld game consoles. According to market share, game consoles are gradually shrinking. Kwong Ming-chiu once said that every Chinese family in the future will have a computer, and these families do not necessarily own game consoles. Chinese families value education, and computers can integrate entertainment and education. , So Chuangkai the future turned to the computer industry.

Hong Yuqiao further explained to create a future direction and make every effort to develop game software suitable for computers. Yu Wenjing reported to Kwong Mingchou about Hao Bing, and Kwong Mingchou ordered her to act as an agent in Shanghai for her own decision.

Yuwenjing met with the head of Hongtu Technology’s Lin. This person was the target of the previous blind date with Yuwenjing. Lin took out her company’s product price report. Yuwenjing thought it was slightly higher than the market value, and Chaoxin was very powerful. If the hardware company and the component purchaser cannot come up with a quotation that satisfies Yu Wenjing, then cooperation will not proceed.

After hearing Yu Wenjing’s words, President Lin promised to seriously consider it, but no matter what, he must successfully cooperate with Yu Wenjing. Su Yan came up with the Chinese input method that was researched by the university at that time. It was developed with painstaking effort in the past, but it can only be used when the computer is developing rapidly more than ten years later. Hong Yuqiao trusts Su Yan’s technology very much. Yao Kun went home after finishing the bidding for Sichuan Chemical Industry. Kwong Mingchou was still studying the management of Chaoxin Company. Yao Kun was very interested in the upgrade of Chaoxin management. Kwong Mingchou proposed to take Yao Kun to see Thomas.

Wang Yong took Xu Zhongheng to Zhou Dingbei’s home to rest. However, Xu Zhongheng was very picky and listed the points that concern him. Zhou Dingbei’s wife was very impatient with Xu Zhongheng, but Zhou Dingbei worried that Xu Zhongheng would be rushed if he placed Xu Zhongheng in a hotel. The letter was taken away, so he could only comfort his wife and continue to take care of Xu Zhongheng. Mingchou Kwong took Yao Kun to lunch with Thomas, and Yao Kun personally cooked Chinese specialties and was praised by Thomas.

Hong Yuqiao’s closure of the game machine factory caused dissatisfaction among the villagers, but it was imperative to close the factory. Guan Tao understood Hong Yuqiao’s difficulties and helped Hong Yuqiao explain to the villagers. Yu Wenjing found Hao Bing to buy the two video playback software she developed. Not only that, she also provided funds to continue to support Hao Bing’s research and development, because Chaoxin values ​​Hao Bing’s research and development technology.

Some lazy employees of Chaoxin pretend to work hard all day to show Yao Kun. At a company meeting, Hong Yuqiao proposed that the factory should resume work, not for resuming production of game consoles but for optical discs. Su Yan’s Chinese input method has been debugged and can be launched on the market, and Hong Yuqiao intends to create sales by using old customers to drive new customers. Yao Kun held a meeting in the company. Some employees were dissatisfied with the delay of some employees. The meeting mainly discussed upgrading the company’s management system and adopting a modern company management system to issue and implement immediately.

Many employees were dissatisfied on the first day of the implementation of the new system. Mei Zhaohe changes her way to Yu Wenjing every day. On the surface, Yu Wenjing and Mei Zhaohe are still the same. In fact, the two may also develop. Xu Zhongheng improved the Chinese input method to make it more suitable for the market, but he was worried that the input method would be outdated. Hong Yuqiao’s input method is out of stock, and merchants come to place orders continuously.

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