Spring in Happiness 幸福里的故事 Episode 15 Recap

Aunt Zhou came to the work unit to find Chen Wa’er, and told Chen Wa’er that Li Qiang was about to break through the wall. The ancients taught that if you start a family, you can only build a house without tearing down the walls, otherwise the Feng Shui will be broken. She persuaded the young couple not to open the door, so as not to break the Feng Shui. Chen Wa’er was very funny about Aunt Zhou’s feudalism. Now that Zhou’s house is let to them, why bother with just one wall.

Aunt Zhou was very angry with Li Qiang’s actions, first vacated the house, then demolished the wall, and then she was not allowed to occupy all their houses. She complained to Uncle Zhou at home. Aunt Jin came to deliver the buns and just heard what Aunt Zhou said. She knew that Li Qiang did not think about it, so she apologized to the Zhou family and promised that this would not happen. At this moment, there was a sound of knocking on the wall in the room. Only then did the family know that Li Qiang had asked Ratat and Biaozi to tear down the wall.

Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er bought peach cakes and came to apologize to Aunt Zhou. Seeing Aunt Zhou’s angry appearance, Chen Wa’er had the idea to play a sympathy card, saying that they had already discussed the matter and would not get married first. , After getting married, go back to each house and find each mother. Aunt Zhou didn’t mean that. She looked at the young couple softened and accepted Aunt Chen and Hua’er living in the room, but she had one condition that Li Qiang could no longer demolish the wall.

Aunt Zhou knew that she had spoken too much last time, so she came over to apologize to Aunt Jin and also delivered her own baked candy. As the marriage is approaching, Li Qiang expresses his sincerity to Chen Wa’er. After so much suffering, the two finally come together. Chen Wa’er thinks that he will stay with Li Qiang for life and life. Li Qiang also responsibly tells Chen Wa’er that he will take care of him. All of this family.

After that, Chen Qiang and Chen Wal went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate. Li Qiang looked at Chen Wal’s ardent eyes and agreed to her that he would never mention a divorce with Chen Wal in his life, while Hu Meizhong and Li Dasheng went to the Civil Affairs Bureau. The bureau received the divorce certificate, only then did Hu Meizhong realize that she was pregnant. The four of them met at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and they were relatively speechless.

Chen Qiang took Chen Wa’er to the tombstone of Chen’s father, and the two showed their ID cards and told Chen’s father that they were married. Hu Meihua’s visa to go abroad came down. She came to Wu Xikai and reconfirmed that Wu Xikai did not take her home to see her parents. She was disappointed in her heart and decided to go abroad to complete the task Hu Meizhong gave her.

The last time Hu Meihua asked Wu Xikai to watch a movie with her, Wu Xikai in the movie fell asleep, but Hu Meihua was alone in tears. After stepping out of the theater, Hu Meihua formally said goodbye to Wu Xikai. Today, the two of them are heading towards the sky. They will go to each side. They will meet Jianghu in the future.

Li Qiang married Chen Wa’er. Li Qiang, dressed in a handsome black suit, hugged Chen Wa’er, who was wearing a red wedding dress, from the car, and completed the sacred ceremony in front of the entire hospital. Aunt Jin felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

The two were finally married. Later, she believed that the lives of the two children must be prosperous, learning and making progress together, and contributing to the family. At night, Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er’s wedding night, Aunt Jin and Uncle Jin looked through the photos of Li Qiang when they were young, and felt a little emotional in their hearts. Now Li Qiang has grown up.

The next day, Li Qiang and Chen Wa’er traveled to get married. The whole hospital escorted them to the door and urged them to take good care of themselves. Only Huazi looked at the red happy character. He took the happy character plucked off the wall and went back to Chen’s house alone.

Six years later, Hu Meizhong and Li Dasheng’s son Li Xiang is six years old. He and Chen Wal and Li Qiang’s daughter Xia is totally different. Xia is cute and cute, and her academic performance is amazing, but Li Xiang is very Naughty, not only can I not recite a few poems in Tang Dynasty, but I don’t know a few English alphabets, and none of the various learning interest classes from childhood to big newspaper can persist.

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