Sniper 瞄准 Episode 14 Recap

Section Chief Cao asked him to protect Mayor Wen to ensure his safety. Mayor Wen explained that he would go to the meeting no matter what the circumstances, so Section Chief Cao could only take someone to protect the place overnight. Ouyang Xiangling felt that finding clues went too smoothly tonight. It is likely that the jellyfish group was diverting their attention. Which one of Yin Qiansu and Mayor Wen is the real goal? She wants to wait for Su Wenqian to come back to make a decision.

Section Chief Cao refused, after all, he didn’t know when Su Wenqian would return. Su Wenqian called Ouyang Xiangling, hoping that they would help publish an announcement in the name of the task force, but Section Chief Cao felt that he had left his post without authorization and took advantage of the task force’s privileges to do private affairs, so he was very angry.

Su Wenqian said that this matter had something to do with the case, because he helped them solve the case and it aroused the suspicion of the other party, so Xiaoxue fell into the hands of the jellyfish group. The notice had specific information he left for the jellyfish group. As long as it was broadcast, he could find Xiaoxue and help them get in touch with the jellyfish group. This was also an opportunity for them to solve the case. .

Section Chief Cao refused to believe in Su Wenqian, but Ouyang Xiangling felt that if they really caused Xiaoxue, they would also need to take responsibility, and the two had a dispute. Ouyang Xiangling repeatedly fought, but Chief Cao decided to agree to Su Wenqian’s request, but hoped that Su Wenqian could rush back to the task force to perform his duties as soon as possible after the announcement was broadcast.

The city broadcasts at six tomorrow morning, and Su Wenqian promised to return to the task force at seven. Su Wenqian told the notice to Ouyang Xiangling. The hidden information was very simple. In an hour, he brought Xiaoxue to the Bell Tower Square to see him at his disposal. This was a specific code between him and Chi Tiecheng. As long as Xiaoxue can be exchanged, Su Wenqian is willing to let Chi Tiecheng handle it.

At 5:30 in the morning the next day, the radio station broadcasted Su Wenqian’s discovery announcement. Xiaoxue turned over and scared Chi Tiecheng jumped. Chi Tiecheng reflexively picked up the gun. He had never slept in bed for more than ten years in his assassin career, because he had to hear the surrounding movement, but Xiaoxue let him break. Rules overslept. Xiaoxue was anxious to go to school. Chi Tiecheng asked her how to explain to her family. Xiaoxue and him discussed not to talk to others about last night, otherwise it would be miserable if Qin Zishu knew about her.

The first column is still 100 kilometers away from Hengzhou, but it is not clear when it will arrive because of the heavy rain. Qin Zishu heard what was happening at home and hurried into the room to look for Xiaoxue. He was relieved when he saw that Xiaoxue had really come back. Qin Zishu called Ouyang Xiangling. Su Wenqian didn’t see Chi Tiecheng coming to the rescue. Ouyang Xiangling told him that Xiaoxue had found him and said that Xiaoxue left the train station and went home and fell asleep under the bed last night.

Section Chief Cao asked Su Wenqian whether there is really evidence that Xiaoxue was kidnapped by the jellyfish group? Su Wenqian also had to admit that everything was his eager chase. Su Wenqian still wanted to go home and take a look at Xiaoxue, otherwise he was really worried. Section Chief Cao was very angry and decided to leave in ten minutes. Ouyang Xiangling hoped that he would give himself time to find Su Wenqian back. This change of goals is really weird.

Section Chief Cao became even more angry and asked Ouyang Xiangling and Su Wenqian what qualifications a person like Su Wenqian had, but Ouyang Xiangling felt that this was also human nature, and the two almost quarreled. Section Chief Cao took out Ouyang Xiangling’s file in a fit of anger. Three years ago, she had made mistakes because of emotions greater than reason.

Section Chief Cao kept Ouyang Xiangling and asked her to think about the principles that should be adhered to. Section Chief Cao left the small mirror and took other people to the venue, but he did not know that he had been under surveillance. Su Wenqian was relieved when he saw Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue when he returned home, Xiaoxue took out the piece of chocolate and apologized to him.

Li Beifa and Chi Tiecheng reported the police’s movements, and Chi Tiecheng asked him to act according to plan. The Communist Party was deceived, indicating that Su Wenqian was really dead, and Chi Tiecheng was a little empty instead. There was no one in Songjiang without Su Wenqian as his opponent, and the next victory was easy to come by, and he had no interest. Su Wenqian made breakfast for Xiaoxue. Qin Zishu told him that Xiaoxue didn’t want others to think that she was a child without a father, so she never handed in the student card.

Qin Zishu has always believed that Xiaoxue’s father can come back, but can he really come back? Qin Zishu said that Xiaoxue needed a father, and asked Su Wenqian if she would be her father, even if she just asked her to fill in her name on the student status card, so that she would have the pride of having a father in front of her classmates. Su Wenqian filled in his own name on the re-study card, and Xiaoxue called him father Su, thanking him very much.

Ouyang Xiangling opened his file, and there was a wedding photo of her and Yang Zhiliang. The relationship between the two will bring a lot of inconvenience to work, but Ouyang Xiangling is willing to take risks, so the two took this wedding photo. Ouyang Xiang was impulsive, so she was punished for being remembered as a big mistake, but she didn’t understand why she believed in Yang Zhiliang after experiencing something like that. Would she be worthy of the sacrificed Yang Zhiliang in this way!

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