Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 2 Recap

Yuan Qian opened the door connecting the men’s and women’s bathhouses and came to the men’s bathhouse. The male classmates shouted hooligans. Qin Shen hurriedly covered Yuan Qian with his bath towel and pushed her back. Song Siyi agreed to help Ling Wei in the dance department as a foreign aid. Ling Wei was identified by her roommates as Qin Shen’s girlfriend. When her roommate saw Yuan Qian’s bath towel that Qin Shen had fallen from the bathroom last year, he immediately asked her what happened.

In the canteen, Ling Wei comforted the roommate who gave birth to Chen Qi Nanqi and said that she wanted to buy a facial cleanser for her. The roommate pointed out Yuan Qian to her. Ling Wei said Yuan Qian was not the type that Qin Shen liked. Yuan Qian listening to Qin Shen and their dormitory sitting next to each other were discussing people peeping in the men’s bathroom. Yuan Qian was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move. Fortunately, Qin Shen couldn’t see clearly. Yuan Qian sent the bath towel to Qin Shen, but forgot not to write his name.

Yi Ming gave out red envelopes for the girls to participate in the basketball game. He selected Yuan Qian, Luo Xinxin and Xue Congyang in the same dormitory, and the boys were him and Qin Shen. Their opponents were the dance department and the sports department as a foreign aid. Yuan Qian didn’t come to train and asked her roommate to come over for her. Qin Shen heard that Yuan Qian might have fallen in love with a handsome guy, and he was about to call Yuan Qian over. Yuan Qian, who rushed to the basketball court in a hurry, said that he and him are really incompatible. The petite Yuan Qian couldn’t catch Qin Shen’s serve. Qin Shen sternly asked her to practice the ball.

The two held their breath to practice the ball. Yi Ming watched and said that the two of them had been single for a lifetime separately, and they looked good together. . Ling Wei heard that Qin Shen was practicing for Yuan Qian alone, but she didn’t care about it, but worried in her heart. Yuan Qian, who had already practiced numb, was about to take something back. When she met Ling Wei who was holding a glass, a cup of water Qin Shen hurriedly helped her put on her own clothes, but Ling Wei was stunned. Yuan Qian was moved by Qin Shen’s actions, but still thought that he should stay away.

On the day of the match, Qin Shen called to Yuan Qian and told her that she just had to stand aside. Yuan Qian felt that she was despised again. The ball game in full swing began. Every time Qin Shen got the ball and passed it to the girls, their scores kept rising. Then Ling Wei’s roommate saw Yuan Qian and directly hit Yuan Qian’s stomach with his elbow. Song Siyi saw The slight scar on Yuan Qian’s neck was sure she was her playmate when she was a child.

He wanted to ask Yuan Qian, but Yuan Qian went directly to Qin Shen and asked him why he didn’t pass the ball to himself. Qin Shen promised to pass the ball to her. Yuan Qian got the ball and threw it in. When she turned excitedly, she found that she had missed the basket. The players looked at her helplessly. The game continued to heat up. Time passed by. Seeing that the score was tied, In the last 8 seconds, Qin Shen passed the ball to Yuan Qian again, and Yuan Qian finally helped the sculpture department to win.

After the ball game, Chen Qinan asked Qin Shen if he had any trouble in the dance department. Why was his fellow inquiring about Yuan Qian and Qin Shen. Qin Shen said that his girlfriend was of no help to him, and he was a person without weakness. When Ling Wei’s roommate next to him heard it, he went back and asked her why Qin Shen said that he had never been in a relationship, and Ling Wei was silent and did not answer.

Yuan Qian and Qin Shen and their three roommates chose the same physical education class. Unexpectedly, Song Siyi also followed. Song Siyi was next to Yuan Qian everywhere, and was fined to clean the equipment room to help. Yuan Qian looked at his face to see if he was familiar, Yuan Qian looked at Song Siyi’s expression inexplicably. When the two were arguing in the equipment room, the rag was thrown on Qin Shen, and Qin Shen looked unhappy and left.

Luo Xinxin told Yuan Qian that he was in the ambiguous period of online dating and the object was Song Siyi, and Yuan Qian felt that Luo Xinxin had been deceived. Yuan Qian kept secretly watching Song Siyi in the equipment room. She wanted to ask him if he played games, and then looked at the avatar in the game account, it turned out that it was really him. Luo Xinxin told Yuan Qian with a sad face that her love was over before it even started. He bought clothes for Song Siyi and recharged the money. Yuan Qian looked helplessly at the roommate who was in love and had no choice but to comfort.

Yuan Qian thought that Song Siyi was in the equipment room and wanted to keep him for his roommates to ask for justice. Unexpectedly, it was Qin Shen and Ling Wei who followed him who were locked in the equipment room. Yuan Qian saw Song Si on the playground. Yi, found that she had locked the wrong person.

When she and Song Siyi rushed back, they saw Qin Shen who had just refused to attend the class reunion and Ling Wei who had been refused. Ling Wei secretly dropped her belongings on the ground after being refused. After leaving, Qin Shen looked at Yuan Qian, who kept jumping up in order to take the rag, and was about to help her take it off. Yuan Qian, who was climbing on the shelf, accidentally raised his head and fell into Qin Shen’s arms.

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