Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 8 Recap

The sports meeting is just around the corner, but Nanxi’s registration form is missing. All the registration forms have a real-name system with student ID. If you lose it, you can’t register again. They didn’t take this matter to heart. Cheng Erluo was more willing to make Nan Xi a military for the 9th squad. It didn’t matter whether he participated.

On the day of the sports meeting, Nan Xi sat in the stands and recorded various data for Class Nine. At present, it seems that the possible gap in Class Nine can be caught up with a support manuscript. As long as 41% of the baton can win first place. The champion of the sports meeting is no problem.

The 40% project is the star project of Class 9, and there has never been an accident. In comparison, both Mr. Hu and his classmates are full of confidence. During the period, although Xia Rui achieved impressive results in the shot put competition, she accidentally injured her waist, which caused Nan Xi to leave everything and go to the infirmary to visit.

At this moment, Cheng Erluo ran over in a panic and told that Nan Xi had signed up for the 40% relay, replacing Lin Xiaoxiao, who was supposed to play. There were students who took the place of the competition before, so this time you must participate in the competition with real names and cannot be changed. Nan Xi can only bite the bullet and participate in the competition, which also creates unpredictability for the results of Class 9.

In the competition, because of the defeat of one of the classmates, it became more difficult to surpass the game that had not won much. When Nan Xi took the baton, she accidentally lost her hat because of running too fast. Seeing this, Xia Rui immediately yelled to attract Nan Xi’s attention, and spread her hands at the end to wait for his arrival.

Only Xia Rui was in Nan Xi’s eyes, as if the road under his feet was not the runway, but the road leading to Xia Rui. He did everything to run to the finish line and ran to Xia Rui’s side. In the end, Nan Xi won the first place with a slight gap and embraced Xia Rui who was waiting at the end. As long as it is Xia Rui’s wish, no matter how difficult the process is for Nan Xi, he will go all out. Not only is it a competition, Nan Xi hopes that Xia Rui can become his own end point on the road of life.

After the game, Li Da learned that the original instigator was his friend Yang Li. Although Li Da also saw Nan Xi displeased and hoped to win the game, he did not bother to win this way. Under the leadership of Coach Yang, Yang Li took the initiative to come to the ninth class of teachers and students to admit his mistakes and get the punishment he deserved.

After the sports meeting, Teacher Hu praised Nan Xi in front of the teachers and students of the school, making him the focus of everyone, and also so that Nan Xi could better adapt to the friendly eyes of the surroundings. Nan Xi is slowly changing, he is getting better and better, and finally the shell used to isolate the world in his heart has cracked.

The sports meeting trophy was hung in the Class 9 classroom, and Nan Xi also gave the medal hanging around her neck to Xia Rui. This was also the first time she won a championship trophy, and she rubbed her hands with excitement. Four people came to the Yi Ze coffee shop to celebrate the sports meeting. It happened that Teacher Hu was teaching Yi Ze how to pursue Coach Yang.

During the period, Mr. Hu saw the post-it note in the coffee shop, and his handwriting was enough to recognize that the post-it note “Ms. Hu Evil Spirit Retreat” came from Xia Rui. Teacher Hu looked at Xia Rui’s sophistication and left the coffee shop after a few words. Although the students were afraid of Teacher Hu, they also knew that he really cared for them.

When Xia Rui returned home at night, she saw that Grandpa was still not sleeping secretly following the drama. Since the death of his father, the mother remarried and gave birth to a son. Although she would still walk around often, the grandson was also very close to her grandparents, but Xia Rui, the granddaughter, was the only spiritual support of the two elders. Xia Rui coaxed her grandpa to sleep as soon as possible like a kid, and went to sleep happily in the text message with Nan Xi.

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